[seedig] Register for the Community Projects Fund Open House on 26 July

Gergana Petrova gpetrova at ripe.net
Thu Jul 21 13:43:51 CEST 2022

Hi all,

I hope all is well!

Some weeks ago I sent a message to this list that we've opened the call 
for applications for the Community Projects Fund. This is the fund 
through which the RIPE NCC distributes up to EUR 250,000 per year to 
support projects of value to the operation, resilience and 
sustainability of the Internet. It focuses on tools and services 
benefiting the technical community in our service region - Europe, the 
Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

Please consider submitting an application (deadline 7 August):

If you are curious what projects won in the past, check this out:

If you want to submit a proposal but are not sure where to start or how 
to do it, join us for the Community Projects Fund Open House next 
Tuesday, 26 July at 12:00-13:30 CEST. It is open to anyone to attend.

During the event you will hear a series of short presentations from 
previous recipients, along with members of the selection committee and a 
Q&A session.

Register for the Open House at:

For any questions, email cpf at ripe.net.

Best regards,

Gergana Petrova
Community Development Manager

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