[seedig] Partial elections for SEEDIG Executive Committee 2021: Voting Results

Katarina katigev78 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 17:26:28 CET 2021

Dear SEEDIG Community members,

The Election Committee is pleased to announce the election results of the
partial election for SEEDIG Executive Committee 2021 and the proposal for
two new members of the SEEDIG Executive Committee.

*I Election results*:

Total Ballots Cast (including duplicates): 41

Ballots Counted (excluding duplicates): 40
Voters who haven't Voted: 10

*Votes received:*

1:  19 votes Bogdan Banjac, Government | Serbia
2:   7 votes Narine Khachatryan, Civil society | Armenia

3:   9 votes Albana Karapanço, Government | Albania
4:   22 votes Liljana Pecova, Civil society | North Macedonia
5:   18 votes Ucha Seturi, Private sector | Georgia

*II Proposal for two new Executive Committee members *

In compliance with section F  Art. 6.29 - 6.33 of the SEEDIG Executive
Committee Terms of Reference (ToR, http://seedig.net/terms-of-reference-tor/),
the Election Committee announces the election results and the proposal for
the composition of the new SEEDIG Executive Committee.

1. Liljana Pecova, Civil society | North Macedonia

2. Bogdan Banjac, Government | Serbia

*Instruction on a legal remedy:*

According to art 6.32. a. - ToR,  a. Voting members of the SEEDIG community
may file written motivated objections to the proposal within seven (7) days
from the date when the proposal is announced. Objections may only be raised
on procedural grounds and concern the fulfillment of the conditions
provided in Art. 6.31. If no objection is filed within this timeline, the
election committee shall announce the final election results. The deadline
for the motivated objections is March 12 by the end of the day.

b. If an objection is raised, the election committee shall review the
provided rationale and respond within three (3) days. The election
committee may: (1) accept the objection and revise the election results and
proposed composition of the executive committee accordingly, or (2) reject
the objection and provide a rationale for keeping the initially proposed
composition of the executive committee. In any case, the decision taken by
the election committee in response to the objection shall be considered as
final and not subject to appeal.

We would like to thank once again all the candidates and all the community
members who took part in these elections.

Thank you for your time and have a nice weekend.
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