[seedig] Registering as a voting member | SEEDIG partial elections 2021

Katarina katigev78 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 13:59:24 CET 2021

Dear SEEDIG community,

As part of the 2021 partial election process, the Election Committee invites
you to register as voting members
<https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021/#voters> for these elections.

In line with the Terms of Reference for the SEEDIG Executive
Committee, nationals
and/or residents of countries in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring
area who are members of the dedicated SEEDIG mailing list at the date when
the election cycle starts are eligible to vote and shall be considered
voting members of the SEEDIG community.

To help the Election Committee compile the list of voting members, we
invite members of this mailing list to:


   Determine whether they meet the above criteria for voting members; and,
   if they do,

   Register for voting via the form available on the election webpage,
by Sunday,
   31 January, end of day.

The list of voting members and the e-mail addresses provided during the
registration process will be used by the Election Committee to distribute
voting ballots during the voting period.

Additional information about this process can be found in the FAQs
available on the elections webpage

Should you have any questions, please raise them via this list.

Thank you!
Best Regards,
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