[seedig] SEEDIG elections: Election Committee formed

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Mon Jan 18 08:52:28 CET 2021

Dear SEEDIG community,

The Election Committee in charge of managing the partial election 
process for two seats on the SEEDIG Executive Committee [4] is now 


  	* Katarina Gevorgyan
  	* Charalampos Kyritsis
  	* Ioana Stupariu


  	* Andrea Beccalli, ICANN
  	* Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG
  	* Gergana Petrova, RIPE NCC

All activities and communications related to the election process will 
now be handled by the Election Committee. This week, the Committee will 
work on preparing the forms and announcements to be used during the 
election process. The call for nominations for the two open seats will 
open next Monday, 25 January.

Best regards,


On 2021-01-11 17:25, sorina.teleanu at seedig.net wrote:

> Dear SEEDIG community,
> As announced previously on the mailing list, a partial election process 
> for two seats on the Executive Committee (currently occupied by Lianna 
> Galstyan and myself) is due, in line with the Executive Committee Terms 
> of Reference (ToR) [1]. SEEDIG community members who meet the criteria 
> outlined in art 6.12 of the ToR are eligible for election for the two 
> seats.
> According to art. 6.1, 6.2 and 6.5 in the ToR, we are hereby launching 
> this partial election process by announcing the election calendar and 
> launching a call for volunteers to serve on the Election Committee.
> 1. Election calendar
> Please find here the calendar for the overall election process: 
> https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021/#calendar.
> 2. Call for volunteers to serve on the Election Committee
> As per art.6 - section B of the ToR, the election process is to be 
> managed by a three-member Election Committee. The main tasks of the 
> Committee are outlined at 
> https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021/#committee [2].
> SEEDIG community members willing to volunteer for the Election 
> Committee are invited to express their interest via this mailing list, 
> by Friday, 15 January 2021, end of day. A simple expression of interest 
> is enough, no elaborated motivation letters are required.
> Kindly note that the seats on the Election Committee are to be filled 
> in on a first come first served basis. Those who plan to run for 
> elections are disqualified from volunteering or appointment on the 
> Election Committee. The Committee may also include observers from among 
> SEEDIG partners/supporting organisations (as per art. 6.8).
> With this, the election process is officially open. More detail about 
> the process - including a set of guidelines and frequently asked 
> questions - are available on the dedicated page: 
> https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021 [3]. Should you have 
> questions, please raise them via this list.
> Best regards,
> Sorina
> (on behalf of the Executive Committee)

[1] https://seedig.net/terms-of-reference-tor/
[2] https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021/#committee
[3] https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021
[4] https://seedig.net/partial-elections-2021/
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