[seedig] Invitation IGF MKD 2021 - Hybrid event

Olga Kyryliuk olga_kyryliuk at ukr.net
Tue Dec 14 12:43:36 UTC 2021

Dear All,

Please find below the invitation from our colleagues in North Macedonia who will be holding their 5th national IGF tomorrow, 15 December 2021.

Wishing our colleagues productive discussions and a successful event!


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Dear friend and colleagues,  
It is a pleasure and honor to invite you to the Fifth  Annual IGF MKD 2021 that will be held on 15.12.2021!    It is right after the Global IGF  and I believe you are still summarizing the impressions from Katowice, but I also  believe you still have left some energy and time for yet another national event in our calendar.  
Internet Governance Forum for the Republic of North Macedonia IGF MKD is an NRI , a national initiative within the framework and structure of the Global Internet Governance Forum,  http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/, supported by UNDESA, the IGFSA (Supporting Association) and is inseparable part of EuroDIG – The European Dialogue on Internet Governance (https://www.eurodig.org) and SEEDIG  - South-East European Dialogue on Internet Governance ( http://www.seedig.net.)  Institutional partners at home are MFA ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs )  and MISA ( Ministry of information society and administration ).  The MFA hosted the very first forum in 2017. 
This year, the forum will be held on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 !  The host will be FINKI – Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje.
As this is the Fifth event ( a small jubilee ) herewith you can find attached the programs from the last 3 IGF MKD 2017, 18 and 2019 and on our website you can find the YouTube link from our 2020 full online event.   Just a quick presentation of our work in the past years and our continuous efforts to bring together all relevant stakeholders including Parliamentarians, The Government,  Business/Private sector, Civil society, Academia, media, end users, etc…     ( the business hosted the event in 2021 )
Unfortunately, after last year's entirely online event due to well known reason, somehow in 2021 our enthusiasm did not return in time… This year we are going modestly, again at FINKI and thanks to FINKI, but to a lesser extent than  2017-2019 and in Hybrid format,  from FINKI Amphitheatre!
As every year, traditionally we bring the voice of the international community and this year as guests we will have another prominent members of the IG community, the Internet Guru from Serbia, Mr. Vlada Radunovic of DiploFoundation,  and Mr. Fotjon Kosta from Albania – Coordinator of IGF ALB .  In our session dedicated to E-trade, you will also have opportunity to listen to the exceptional Prof.Dr. George Dimitrov of Evrotrust Technologies, Bulgaria.    
The event will start at 11 AM.  ( CEST )
Please visit our website for further information on the program and how to follow / attend the event.  http://igfmkd.mk/en/starting_page/.
You can REGISTER  for the event By clicking on the following -  Link
Streaming will be also provided on the day of the event so you will be able to follow us on YouTube and on our Facebook page.
(enclosure - invitation, program and materials for 2021 )
Looking forward to see many of you on Wednesday the 15th.
Best regards,
On behalf of the organizing team of IGF MKD 2021  ( in CC )
Aleksandar Ichokjaev ( Icokaev )
IGF MKD Coordinator
Aleksandar Ichokjaev
Advokat / Of counsel
DDK Attorneys at Law
str. Mirce Acev 2 / 3rd Floor
1000 Skopje, R.North Macedonia
tel:           ++ 389 2 3136 530
fax:          ++ 389 2 3215 470
E-mail: ichokjaev at ddklaw.com.mk
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