[seedig] SEEDIG 6: Launching meeting website & registration

Sorina Teleanu sorina.teleanu at seedig.net
Mon Jul 27 12:36:39 CEST 2020

Dear all, 

We are glad to share with you two updates related to the SEEDIG 6
meeting (taking place online, on 21-25 September 2020): 

 	* The SEEDIG 6 meeting website has just been launched and can be found
at https://2020.seedig.net. It contains information on the programme,
planning process, the main elements of the meeting, etc. 
 	* Registration for SEEDIG 6 is now open. You will find the
registration link on the meeting website.

As we continue the planning process, we invite you to check the website
regularly for updates about the meeting. 

Best regards, 


(on behalf of the Executive Committee)
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