[seedig] Partial Elections' Decision from the Election Committee

Liljana Pecova liljana.pecova at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 10:55:59 CET 2020

Dear SEEDIG Community,

we thank you for your interest, comments and questions. Hereby we take the
floor to announce the decision of having established the Exe Com as final.

We did not had to open the floor for comments - yet, we did, with due
respect to the Community and the integrity we want to rebuild in. The only
justification behind this decision is exactly what you all have marked in
the e-mail: to be more constructive, not to jeopardize the developments of
SEEDIG, to enable the environment to continue its work, to use the cards
that are on the table and play with it until we sort things out within a
process and to be able to prepare the upcoming events whereas we can all
bring forward our concerns, but most what is in our interest.

Due to this, allow us to say that we have recognized the urgent need to
work on the ToR as there are deficiencies which allow many
misunderstandings among the Community. Therefore, we are by this also
calling upon the Legal group to take forward and work on it, in a
transparent way, to produce either better ToR draft-text either draft -text
for the legal entity. We, as a part of the Community, would like to strive
forward and make only the best positive outcomes from SEEDIG.

Having said this, dear Exe Com, may the force be with you in the future
steps of SEEDIG developments.

the Election Committee

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 8:59 AM Daniel Kalemi via seedig <
seedig at lists.rnids.rs> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
> As a member that joined this community just a year ago, I guess many of
> you might not know me, so allow me to start with a brief intro.
> My name is Daniel Kalemi and I’m an Albanian Software Engineer currently
> working for a US Startup while following my studies as a Junior CS student
> at the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece. I was a Youth School
> participant for 2019 and attended the SEEDIG 5.
> I believe that as many of you, I joined the community with the hopes of
> personal/professional growth, networking and the desperate need for change
> in our communities all around the SEE+ region revolving around the IG
> discussion.
> To be honest, all this “infamous” situation those last months seemed to me
> as  “telenovelas” (aka soap opera acting) and couldn’t help but become a
> spectator to it. Maybe another reason why I think I chose to stay silent as
> many others to this very moment was with the hopes that this situation will
> pass quickly. However, I forgot that SEEDIG is a community and as such it
> is the responsibility of all the members to resolve any problem/upbringing
> collectively, which is why I think that this silent protest approach wasn’t
> the best option to say the least.
> To that end, I really respect the fact that the ladies Olga, Desara and
> Sonia chose to not join our collective “silent protest”, but rather speak
> up, act and make sure that we are moving ahead. It might not be the perfect
> solution or the most gender-balanced exe com, but at least it is a solution
> and I truly believe it is what we need right now (+ I kinda like the
> #meetoo movement spin into it, which contributes towards inclusion &
> diversity).
> I also have to agree to some extent with those that depict this period as
> a witchcraft hysteria and as such naturally it makes sense that after a
> witch-hunt a public trial has to follow (or the idea that we need to have
> an open discussion over current issues). However, I personally perceived as
> not the best time to organize that as we might have fall behind schedule
> with the organization of this year’s SEEDIG 6 and that should remain a
> priority.
> I guess this is also a challenge test for the newly elected exe com, so a
> post-SEEDIG 6 event tackling all of those issues, in my opinion would be a
> perfect timing and can bring justice to both this issue but also
> comments/feedback regarding the completion of SEEDIG 6.
> Lastly, my only “concern” if I may call it that way is the Youth School
> for this year. Its announcement is 3 months late comparing it to last
> year’s call so as I understand there might be a risk to cancel it this year
> (or hopefully adapt the format to run in a shorter time). I’m pushing this
> forward not only as a YS alumnae myself, but because I believe that it is
> the best and most efficient instrument in enlarging and strengthening this
> community by enabling young professionals in the field from diverse
> backgrounds to join the discussion.
> I was unaware of IG right before joining SEEDIG through the Youth School
> and here I am 1 year later being a gig-worker remotely with academic works
> that overlap with those of ICANN & RIPE, organization that I wouldn’t have
> known if it wasn’t for SEEDIG.
> If there is anything that we can do in this regard, I’m sure that either
> me or anyone in this list would be willing to help.
> Thank you for staying till the very end to go through this email. I really
> believe that the next emails in this list would be back on tracks full with
> educative, insightful and action-driven calls reminding us what SEEDIG
> really stands for!
> I’m putting down below my social media handles for those who wish to
> connect.
> I wish you all the positive energy for kickstarting this week!
> LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-kalemi-15a7149a/
> Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/daniel.kalemi.146
> Kind regards,
> On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 08:33 Ucha Seturi via seedig <
> seedig at lists.rnids.rs> wrote:
>> Dear Roberto thanks for this email!
>> Very honestly I am reading and assessing an existing  situation and for a
>> one regular internet guy for whom SeeDIG is very important and interesting
>> platform (and thanks for this first of all Sorina and Sonia, Dushan,
>> Liana). For me last activities looks like octagon fighting and witcher
>> hanting  - sorry for sharing this very personal understanding and feelings.
>> If we can be more constructive and less sarcastic, what you think about a
>> members call to discuss all challenges we have and about a plans how can we
>> move forward?
>> Best regards,
>> Ucha Seturi
>> უჩა სეთური
>> Georgian IGF, Coordinator, www.igf.ge
>> Chair, "*Telecom Operator's Association of Georgia"*
>> *Address:*            3, Ak. Khorava Street, Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia
>> <https://www.google.com/maps/search/Khorava+Street,+Tbilisi,+0179,+Georgia?entry=gmail&source=g>
>> .
>> *Contact:*             useturi at gmail.com useturi at toa.ge | +995 577
>> 773733 |
>> Web: toa <http://toa.ge>.ge
>> On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 8:28 PM Roberto Gaetano via seedig <
>> seedig at lists.rnids.rs> wrote:
>>> I don’t know if I am a suspect, but let me say that the reason why I
>>> have commented very little so far - and not at all after the election
>>> result - is that I am looking forward to a cool-down phase after
>>> (over)-heated debate.
>>> To have a fully operational ExCom after these partial elections is good
>>> news, and I assume that the first priority for the short term is to
>>> organise a successful SEEDIG.
>>> Of course, we need to analyse the situation and discuss whether some
>>> changes are needed in the governance model and in the interaction among
>>> members, but let’s not put SEEDIG 2020 at risk.
>>> May I also mention that one of the proposed sessions for EuroDIG 2020 in
>>> Trieste is about East-West relationship. That might be an excellent
>>> opportunity, given also the proximity of the SEE Region to Trieste, to have
>>> substantial contributions from SEEDIG folks.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Roberto
>>> On 11.02.2020, at 16:32, Dušan Stojičević <dusan at dukes.in.rs> wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> No one to comment, except usual suspects? Nothing? Silence is a sign of
>>> confirmation? Anyway, me as usual suspect, I will dare to comment J
>>> Men was hard to catch this time. They didn’t have the guts to apply.
>>> Despite that fact, I totally support the perspective given by ele com,
>>> considering applications on their table.
>>> Instead of Caf’s Angels <https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5033998/>, we
>>> have now Spice Girls <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spice_Girls>, until
>>> Task Force finish and new elections starts… Finally, we can focus on work,
>>> not on some empty stories.
>>> One thought – whoever wants to say anything on gender balance, I would
>>> firmly oppose – after too many Boards, exe coms, BoDs, govs… with women
>>> representatives in small traces (or usually none), this is refreshing and
>>> reflect the true spirit of gender balance article in ToR. Let us enjoy for
>>> once in total girls power, and boys, pardonnez moi, it was extended period,
>>> you had your chance to apply.
>>> And because ToR define complaint period after voting, and there was no
>>> voting, can we consider this as final result? I would do this anyway, and
>>> use this opportunity to be the first:
>>> Congrats to all, let the Force be with you – you’ll needed! Thanks also
>>> for ele com, it was (as always in elections) tough decision.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Dusan
>>> p.s. – 228 members on the list – number is growing
>>> p.p.s. – please, use right email account for sending emails on the list,
>>> otherwise – it’s going directly to SPAM - *signed by lazy list admin*
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>>> *Subject:* Re: [seedig] Partial Elections' Decision from the Election
>>> Committee
>>> Dear SEEDIG community,
>>> the Election Committee has decided to close the commenting period until
>>> 16th of February, giving all enough time to consider the decision made
>>> earlier last week. Due to not burdening the mailing list, we shall collect
>>> all comments, sum up and answer in one mail.
>>> Thank you for cooperation
>>> Election Committee
>>> On Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 10:10 AM Liljana Pecova <liljana.pecova at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>> Dear SEEDIG Community,
>>> On behalf of the Election Committee, allow me to present our decision
>>> and justification behind it. It comes after many discussions and bringing
>>> more common sense on the table, rather than being "fast and furious" and on
>>> time. As this is completely voluntarily, we do believe the Community
>>> understands voluntarism and dedicating your free time to do your best.
>>> Hereby we inform you that we have received 3 nominations
>>> <https://seedig.net/partial-elections/#callhttps://seedig.net/partial-elections/%23call>,
>>> upon which the Election Committee has decided to use the point 6.20. from
>>> the ToR "If the number of eligible candidates matches the number of
>>> available seats, and if an executive committee including these candidates
>>> reflects the diversity criteria provided in Art. 3.2, no voting is
>>> required, and the candidates are automatically elected."
>>> We all have agreed that this is the best way to approach the ongoing
>>> situation within SEEDIG. Having in mind also the period that was
>>> non-constructively used for SEEDIG development, reflecting the negative
>>> impact that had onto the Community and taking into consideration that we
>>> can not let losing more time on this issue, we do consider this is the best
>>> option as to present time.
>>> With this, we strongly believe that we shall bring forward the
>>> functionality of the Exe Com and ease the process until the new format is
>>> established. We do urge the Legal group to take necessary and urgent action
>>> to stabilize the process. With all due respect to each and every member of
>>> the Community, we hereby take this action to confirm the establishment of
>>> the Exe Com.
>>> best regards,
>>> Election Committee
>>> --
> Daniel Kalemi
> Software Engineering Apprentice at Sonder Inc.
> Programming Assistant & Junior CS Student,
> The American College of Thessaloniki, Greece
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