[seedig] Partial Elections' Decision from the Election Committee

Liljana Pecova liljana.pecova at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 10:10:05 CET 2020

Dear SEEDIG Community,

On behalf of the Election Committee, allow me to present our decision and
justification behind it. It comes after many discussions and bringing more
common sense on the table, rather than being "fast and furious" and on
time. As this is completely voluntarily, we do believe the Community
understands voluntarism and dedicating your free time to do your best.

Hereby we inform you that we have received 3 nominations
upon which the Election Committee has decided to use the point 6.20. from
the ToR "If the number of eligible candidates matches the number of
available seats, and if an executive committee including these candidates
reflects the diversity criteria provided in Art. 3.2, no voting is
required, and the candidates are automatically elected."
We all have agreed that this is the best way to approach the ongoing
situation within SEEDIG. Having in mind also the period that was
non-constructively used for SEEDIG development, reflecting the negative
impact that had onto the Community and taking into consideration that we
can not let losing more time on this issue, we do consider this is the best
option as to present time.

With this, we strongly believe that we shall bring forward the
functionality of the Exe Com and ease the process until the new format is
established. We do urge the Legal group to take necessary and urgent action
to stabilize the process. With all due respect to each and every member of
the Community, we hereby take this action to confirm the establishment of
the Exe Com.

best regards,
Election Committee
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