[seedig] SEEDIG Elections: Election Committee formed

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Dear Aleksandar,


Gender balance touch me in the eye, and I like to react by quoting one of my favorite comedian:

“...  and if there is a God, I am convinced he is a he, because no woman could or would ever fuck things up this badly.” George Carlin







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Dear Seedig community,  


I wish much success to the new election committee in  preparing and performing  transparent and legit elections.

As a member of the election committee for the previous election cycle,  I did not volunteer for this cycle thus leaving space for other members of the community to be actively involved in creating the bodies of the community .    I'm open for sharing experience, suggestions and consultations as a "senior"  :)  .  

What is noticeable is that the gender balance is not the strongest side of this el. committee, also the observer umbrella is very "heavy one"  by the seniority of the names involved. 


As with every year behind us SEEDIG grows in a serious stakeholder in the Internet governance, everything that is said above shows that SEEDIG needs a legal structure based on the best experiences of the exiting legal entities in the IG community and SEEDIG specifics. tNow we only touched this very important theme but  I will address it in a different email.


Best regards from Skopje. 


Aleksandar Ichokjaev 




On Oct 22, 2019, at 09:57, Sorina Teleanu <sorina.teleanu at seedig.net <mailto:sorina.teleanu at seedig.net> > wrote:


Dear SEEDIG community,

Following the call for volunteers launched last week, we have received four expressions of interest from community members to serve on the Election Committee in charge of managing the partial SEEDIG Executive Committee election process <https://seedig.net/elections-2019/> : Barbara Povse, Kristina Hakobyan, Oliana Sula and Sabrina Vorbau.

In line with the Terms of Reference for the SEEDIG Executive Committee, the Election Committee is composed of three members, identified through a call for volunteers on a first come first serve basis. Given the order in which the four volunteers submitted the expressions of interest, and considering the interest manifested by SEEDIG supporting organisations in joining the Committee as observers, the composition of the Election Committee is the following:


*	Kristina Hakobyan
*	Barbara Povse
*	Oliana Sula


*	Andrea Beccalli, ICANN
*	Andrijana Gavrilovic, DiploFoundation 
*	Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG
*	Ceren Unal, Internet Society

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to contribute to this process! All activities and communications related to the election process will now be handled by the Election Committee, in line with the ToR <https://seedig.net/terms-of-reference-tor/>  and the election calendar <https://seedig.net/elections-2019/#calendar> .

Best regards,






Sorina Teleanu

Chair | SEEDIG Executive Committee



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