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Wed Oct 23 11:14:49 CEST 2019


I assume a person has to have a legal background or some understanding of
the EU law on registering entities for this?


ср, 23 жовт. 2019 о 11:12 Sorina Teleanu <sorina.teleanu at seedig.net> пише:

> Dear SEEDIG community and supporting organisations,
> Over the past 2–3 years, many of you have called for the creation of a
> SEEDIG legal entity, as a step that would help SEEDIG grow, while also
> contributing to ensuring its sustainability and addressing current legal
> and financial challenges. As the Executive Committee has met difficulties
> in making progress on this issue, the Chair of the Executive Committee,
> having consulted SEEDIG’s main sponsors, is initiating an open process
> expected to lead to the establishment of a SEEDIG legal entity.
> The first step in this process is the *creation of a SEEDIG Legal Entity
> Working Group* (SLE WG), tasked with developing a proposal for the
> establishment of a SEEDIG legal entity. The proposal will cover aspects
> related to the type and structure of the legal entity, as well as the
> choice of jurisdiction (the country to host the entity).
> Chaired by Andrea Beccalli, ICANN, the *group is open to SEEDIG community
> members, sponsors, supporting organisations and partners*. The Internet
> Society and RIPE Network Coordination Centre have already expressed
> interest in joining the WG; others are invited to follow suit. Due to
> potential conflicts of interest, members of the Executive Committee will
> not be able to volunteer for the WG. They can, however, be invited by the
> WG to contribute to certain activities of the group.
> The WG is expected to present its proposal not later than two weeks before
> the SEEDIG 6 meeting. The proposal will then be subject to the approval of
> the SEEDIG community. Once a decision is made by the community, the
> Executive Committee will be responsible for its implementation.
> In line with the above, a *call for volunteers*
> <https://seedig.net/sle-wg/>*to join SLE WG is hereby launched*.
> Individuals interested in contributing to this group are invited to read
> the WG’s guidelines and submit an expression of interest by *31 October
> 2019*.
> Thank you!
> Best regards,
> Sorina
> ------------------------------
> *Sorina Teleanu*
> Chair | SEEDIG Executive Committee

Kind Regards,
*Anna Romandash*
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