[seedig] SEEDIG 5: Programme Committee formed

Aleksandar Icokaev icokaev at popovski-law-office.com.mk
Wed Jan 30 12:02:51 CET 2019

Thank you Dusan C,

My email was more out of courtesy in a wish to send my sincere congrats 
and best wishes for the process which I'm fully aware of.     If your 
remark with the link about the SEEDIG process was for other members of 
the community and this list,  I would understand.   Just for you and for 
the younger members of the community, I was involved in the SEEDIG 
process from the very beginning including the firs preparatory meeting 
in Sofia in January 2015 , attended the first SEEDIG in May same year in 
Sofia and all  SEEDIG meetings that followed in Belgrade, Ohrid and 
Ljubljana.  As a result and my involvement in ICANN as of 2010 and the 
Global IGF including  EuroDIG, today I'm one of the founding members and 
coordinator of the national Macedonian NRI  - IGF MKD.    As far as  I'm 
able to follow, many members of the Macedonian IGF  are very active in 
SEEDIG.  ( in alphabetical order http://igfmkd.mk/members/ )   I hope 
this will not be the first SEEDIG for me to skip, out of personal reasons..

As I said in my previous email,    I wish both the PC and the exe.com 
best of luck during the preparations for the 5th SEEDIG !

Best regards,


On 30.1.2019 10:55, Dušan Caf via seedig wrote:
> Dear Aleksander,
> We agree that the program shall be defined by the community and its 
> active participation is essential for the success of the whole SEEDIG 
> process. You can find more information about the SEEDIG process here 
> <https://seedig.net/seedig-process/>.
> We are carefully nurturing the bottom up approach and stakeholder 
> involvement. The EC and PC are just bodies that coordinate SEEDIG’s 
> work and carry out activities required to finalise the programme and 
> make the annual meeting a success.
> Kind regards,
> Dušan
>> On 29 Jan 2019, at 22:19, Aleksandar Ichokjaev 
>> <icokaev at popovski-law-office.com.mk 
>> <mailto:icokaev at popovski-law-office.com.mk>> wrote:
>> I'm more in favor to quote " YES WE CAN "    ( not me, the PC and 
>> exe.c together  )  :)
>> Congrats to the entire ( broader European ) IG community for the 
>> sellection !   Composition of this years committee shows that SEEDIG 
>> grows in importance and influence, also accepting fresh energy !
>> I wish both PC andexe.com <http://exe.com/>best of luck during the 
>> preparations for the 5th SEEDIG !
>> Best regards,
>> Aleksandar Icokaev
>> IGF MKD Coordinator
>> On 1/29/19 18:09, Dusan Stojicevic wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> It seems to me that my first wish for NY become true, and this is 
>>> good sign for the rest of my wishes.
>>> It’s obvious that there was long cue for the PC, because there is 9 
>>> members!
>>> Congrats to elected ones, others – better luck next time.
>>> Very interesting for me is that one member of exe com is included.
>>> Smart move by exe com, because they are trying to observe what is 
>>> happening in PC, not to control it and one for that task is enough.
>>> All the best and wish you fruitfull work and succes in making SEEDIG 
>>> agenda great again! (hmmm, last part sounds like a quotation...)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Dusan
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>>> Of*hvale vale - APC WRP
>>> *Sent:*Tuesday, January 29, 2019 8:21 AM
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>>> *Subject:*Re: [seedig] SEEDIG 5: Programme Committee formed
>>> +1, congratulations and best wishing for the work to come
>>> hvale
>>> On 1/28/19 9:17 PM, Desiree Miloshevic wrote:
>>>     Congratulations to all volunteering member of the SEEDIG
>>>     Programme Committee.
>>>     Regards
>>>     Desiree
>>>         On 28 Jan 2019, at 14:08, Dušan Caf via seedig
>>>         <seedig at lists.rnids.rs <mailto:seedig at lists.rnids.rs>> wrote:
>>>         Dear all,
>>>         We are pleased to inform you that the*Programme
>>>         Committee*(PC) for*SEEDIG 5
>>>         <https://seedig.net/seedig5/>* (7–8 May 2019, Bucharest) has
>>>         been formed. The full composition of the PC is available
>>>         here <https://seedig.net/programme-committee/>. The PC is
>>>         composed of nine members representing the SEEDIG community
>>>         and partners, and one member representing the *Executive
>>>         Committee* <https://seedig.net/executive-committee/> (EC).
>>>         The PC will work on shaping the programme for SEEDIG 5
>>>         (building on the draft programme
>>>         <https://seedig.net/seedig5-draft-programme/>. Its first
>>>         meeting is scheduled for this week
>>>         The PC will work in close coordination with the
>>>         EC. The*SEEDIG community*will also be informed about and
>>>         consulted on subsequent versions of the programme. At least
>>>         one open consultation with the community is envisaged before
>>>         the SEEDIG 5 meeting.
>>>         Kind regards,
>>>         *Dušan Caf*
>>>         Member | SEEDIG Executive Committee
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