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Dušan Caf dusan.caf at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 20:36:52 CET 2019

Dear all,

We have received a few questions regarding the selection process for SEEDIG Ambassadors <https://seedig.net/ambassadors-programme/>  Let me briefly clarify the whole process. 

The Executive Committee launched the SEEDIG Ambassadors Programme <https://seedig.net/ambassadors-programme/> with an objective to enhance SEEDIG’s visibility and presence in the countries of South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.

There are a few issues that deserve clarification:
When launching the SEEDIG Ambassadors Programme, we looked for community members that could reach out to various stakeholder groups and communities (including youth) in their countries and share their experience with other ambassadors. We were looking for a mixture of community members that could devote their time to SEEDIG, actively contribute and help the Executive Committee in carrying out SEEDIG’s aims and objectives. We expected them to be team players and work closely with the Executive Committee.
The Ambassadors Programme was meant to be tightly linked to SEEDIG’s annual meeting cycle.
The activities of ambassadors should be focused at the national level.

The SEEDIG Ambassadors Programme selection process was bottom up. We first launched the call for applications, promoted it widely through the SEEDIG’s mailing list, website and social media channels, received applications and then selected the ambassadors.

We received 13 applications with 14 candidates (a joint application of Oliana and Fotjon). 

Initially, the Executive Committee decided to have only one ambassador per country. As we received an outstanding joint application from Oliana and Fotjon, we decided to make an exception. Another exception was in the case of Romania, which hosts this year’s annual meeting, where more efforts have been required to reach out to various stakeholders across the large country and ensure higher stakeholder engagement. 

We had interviews with the candidates and evaluated their applications. The final decision on the selection of the candidates was consensual and agreed without any raised concerns. All members of the Executive Committee participated at the meeting and we all firmly stand behind our decision. 

We would like to use this opportunity to thank once again all of you who applied for the Ambassadors Programme and invite you to further contribute to strengthening SEEDIG.

Best regards,

Member | SEEDIG Executive Committee
(on behalf of the committee)

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