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Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
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Dear Aleksandar, all,


Since you quote me, I am somehow forced to react on your email. I hear you and feel you, since I am not also elected … I am also at the edge with nerves…

For the record> I was not even applied for this program, which is, I presume, the main reason why I wasn’t elected… but still the fact stands – I am not elected.

And I want to add one big rant on that program – there is no one from Serbia! (for the same reason – no one applied).


Now seriously.

Your mails makes me think a bit about the simple question – why this ambassadors program (or any elections) touches people more than any other issue, f.e. legal entity or any call for work (SEE summary project or similar)? Why some people always act like their contribution through the history must be recognized and prized with roles (including money for travel) in SEEDIG? Why someone would like to drop out from SEEDIG (or entire IG as it is mentioned) after not being elected? Why we need to count blood cells and genes of elected ones?

All of that is a greedy human reaction when there is a desire for money and power. Followed with counting how many exe com member was pushing “their people from country”. By that logic you suggested, why North Macedonian exe com member didn’t push you, Aleksandar? Or it could be objective elections done by exe com, all based by provided and proved facts about the people who applied, without any rules on nationality (especially that one – one ambassador from one country)? And how can you be sure that someone is not good for that Ambassadors role?  


Aleksandar, Narine, and all of us – we need to ask ourselves few major questions>

1.       Our acts are speaking best about ourselves. So do our mails. When we are going to stop acting like kids?

2.       When will we accept that there could be better persons than us?

3.       Will we once stop with lack of trust on people elected by us, people from exe com?

4.       When are we going to work for a change, not only preaching about history? 

(For such big people from the history, I have a suggestion to exe com> to invent and introduce some honorary titles – “League of heroes of SEEDIG” or “SEEDIG hall of fame member” or “Advisory committee of grandmas and grandpas”. 

History is only 5 years! Guys, fingers on one hand…)




“lonely and broken man without any SEEDIG tittle” 


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Congrats... I couldn't agree more with Kristina..

Yet..     I thought I would never find my self in a position like this...  to give up and to abandon years of self investment in time and (less) money...  ( thanks to the funding programs of ICANN and EuroDIG )  and exceptional individuals ...  ( I still think about to whom I shall FW or CC this email..  ) 

People say :  follow your instinct ...  whatever your instinct tells you,  that is the right thing to do or to say ..  if you hesitate, the calculations starts.... and you do not want to be a part of calculation ...

Well...  my sincere endorsement goes to Fotjon, Maja, Olga, Ola, Kristina  ...  I know them all ...   they are the real "veterans" ... 

However I can't help my self not to mention that I see 3 ( three ) people from Romania ,  2 ( two ) from Albania and 4 people that I hear first tine about them ( it is probably me and my ignorance..  )  that are selected for,  as Dusan S. would say :   "Being an ambassador is a very high and respectful role, and it's a matter of time when we start to address to them as "Your Excellency"  and ...I know Marko as well but I see him as most effective and  productive in the youth program not as an Amdasador...  there are steps in life like in education ...  but this will also be a good school for him ...

To avoid any confusion about the motives behind this read,  Yes,  I did apply for the ambassador program !

Just for the younger  members of the community,   ( the new comers )  I was involved in the SEEDIG process from the very beginning including the first preparatory meeting in Sofia in January 2015 , attended the first SEEDIG in May same year in Sofia and all  SEEDIG meetings that followed in Belgrade, Ohrid and Ljubljana.  As a result and my involvement in ICANN as of 2010 and the Global IGF including  EuroDIG, today I'm one of the founding members and coordinator of the national Macedonian NRI  - IGF MKD.  http://igfmkd.mk/

Obvioselly, this will  be the first SEEDIG for me to skip, because of personal reasons..

And again for the younger  members of the community...  this is a good lesson for you that the control is everything , control is power...

However,   It was a great journey ...

Everybody ...  Have a nice life  !!!  

Best regards,

Aleksandar Icokaev


On 2/19/19 18:34, Kristina Hakobyan via seedig wrote:

Hello, Sorina 


Thanks a lot. And again congratulations to all colleagues.


On Tue, Feb 19, 2019, 21:24 Sorina Teleanu <sorina.teleanu at seedig.net <mailto:sorina.teleanu at seedig.net>  wrote:

Dear all,

We are glad to inform you that the SEEDIG Ambassadors Programme is now up and running. We have ten Ambassadors whose role is to help increase SEEDIG's visibility and presence at national, regional and international level, and contribute to achieving SEEDIG's goals within the SEE+ region.

For now, we invite you to read more about the programme and the Ambassadors themselves on the dedicated page <https://seedig.net/ambassadors-programme/> . As the Ambassadors go ahead with their activities, we will be updating the page to reflect their work. 

Lastly, we would like to mention that, although the selection process was finalised a bit earlier, we needed some time for collecting all relevant information that you can now find on the dedicated page. We thank our Ambassadors and the community for patiently waiting for the announcement. And we are also taking this opportunity to thank all those who have applied for the programme.

Best regards,


(on behalf of the SEEDIG Executive Committee)





Sorina Teleanu

Chair | SEEDIG Executive Committee




 <https://seedig.net/seedig-2019/> SEEDIG 5   |  <https://seedig.net/seedig-2019/> 7–8 May 2019, Bucharest


 <https://www.facebook.com/SEEDIG2019/>      <https://twitter.com/SEEDIG2019>      <https://seedig.net>      

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