[seedig] SEEDIG 2018: Programme outline and next steps in the planning process

Sorina Teleanu sorinat at diplomacy.edu
Fri Feb 16 22:49:14 CET 2018

Dear all,

We would like to thank those of you who have responded to the call for
comments on the draft programme for the SEEDIG 2018 meeting.

Because the comments received did not suggest substantive changes regarding
the structure or content of the programme outline
<http://seedig.net/seedig-2018-programme/>, the Executive Committee has
decided not to make any modification at this stage. But the comments will
be considered in the next stages of the planning process, as outlined below.

According to the milestones for SEEDIG 2018
<http://seedig.net/seedig-2018-milestones/>, we will now start working on
shaping the sessions, in line with the Programme Guidelines
<http://seedig.net/programme-guidelines/>and Session Principles
<http://seedig.net/session-principles/>. And the next step consists of
forming organising teams for each session.

We would like to underline that* the programme outline remains subject to
change: organising teams will be able to revise the current session
headings while they work on defining the focus of their sessions*. The
comments submitted during the public comment period will be passed on to
the organising teams to inform their work.

Over the next few days, we will be contacting issue proponents and invite
them to join the organising teams. We will also identify team leads to
facilitate the work ahead. *The organising teams will remain open to anyone
interested, throughout the entire planning process. If you have not
submitted a proposal, but would like to be part of the team working on any
of the sessions, please let us know.*

Lastly, the Executive Committee suggests that the overarching theme and the
survey topic for SEEDIG 2018 are further discussed at the first online
meeting of the organising teams (to be held within the next couple of

Best regards,

(on behalf of the SEEDIG Executive Committee)
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