[seedig] findings on organizations fighting fake news

Bissera Zankova bzankova at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 20:16:29 CET 2018

*Re: article, research findings and policy recommendations concerning the
fight against information disorder in Europe*

Dear Sorina Teleanu, dear SEEDIG members,

We are researchers from different European organizations and we work
together with other partners within the frameworks of the Compact project
which represents *a Cooperation and Support Action under the EC H2020
umbrella and deals with social media and convergence.*

*C**onsidering the urgency of **addressing the **issue of information
disorder (of which fake news and hoaxes are an integral part) we carried
out fast-track and first ever done **performance** analysis of
effectiveness and efficiency of organisations and initiatives fighting fake
news and hoaxes in Europe throughout November 2017 - January 2018. It
comprises a side result of the principle work performed within the project.*

*On the basis of our findings and conclusions formulated in the attached
article we prepared two policy documents (attached herein, too) which in
our view will contribute to the better elucidation of the place and role of
fact checking and debunking organizations and will support the elaboration
of an adequate policy which should be premised on the active involvement of
all relevant stakeholders. They present in a succinct form what steps
should be taken by the fact checking and debunking organizations and by the
major players in the digital society in order for to counteract effectively
the deleterious effects of information disorder on society.*

We believe that scientists should deliver research results and provide
tentative advise on such contested topics  in the current rather fragile
international environment much faster than is usually common and should
approach organizations, bodies and persons that can really influence
international policy and cooperation.

We appreciate your activities aiming at enlarging regional dialogue on
Internet governance and we rely on fruitful collaboration on topics of
mutual interest.

Kind regards
Bissera Zankova

Dr. Bissera Zankova
"Media 21" Foundation
Sofia, Bulgaria
bzankova at gmail.com
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