[seedig] IGF Community Public Consultation: Call for Inputs - Taking stock of the 2017 work programme and 12th IGF and suggestions for 2018 and 13th IGF

Anja GENGO AGENGO at unog.ch
Wed Feb 7 11:04:38 CET 2018

Dear Colleagues,

As the SEEDIG community is well known to be active in the global IGF 
processes, I am using this opportunity to kindly invite you to help us 
shape the IGF 2018 work cycle.

The IGF Secretariat gathers feedback to the IGF 2017 and suggestions for 
improvement for the IGF 2018 from all stakeholders, by 11 February.

Anything from your experience so far would be very valuable to hear. We 
would appreciate letting us know how can the IGF learn from SEEDIG's good 

In particularly, you are kindly invited to reflect the following:

 A) Taking stock of 2017 programming, preparatory process, community 
intersessional activities and the 12th annual IGF: What worked well? What 
worked not so well?
B) Suggestions for improvements in 2018? (programming, preparatory 
processes, community intersessional activities and improvements for 13th 
annual meeting)

You can see the list of so far submitted inputs here.

Thank you! And all very best with the preparatory process for the 
Ljubljana meeting!

Best regards,

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