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Dear all,

We are pleased to share with you the April issue of our monthly summary
<http://seedig.net/seesummary-april-2018/> of Internet governance and
digital policy developments and events in South Eastern Europe and the
neighbouring area.

Some of the main headlines:

   - First Internet Exchange Point (IXP) to be established in Bosnia and
   - Bulgaria and Slovenia are among 25 European countries that signed a
   Declaration of cooperation on artificial intelligence.
   - National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and
   Information Technology in Moldova launched a public consultation on
   self-regulatory practices for ISP to tackle online content harmful for
   - The Slovenian Agency for Communication Networks and Services announced
   a decision to include broadband Internet access as part of the universal
   service concept.
   - Twitter’s latest Transparency Report revealed that Turkey submitted
   approximately 65% of the total number of content removal requests.

We would also like to draw your attention to a recently added editorial
note (also copied below), through which we try to provide some additional
clarity into how the monthly *SEEsummaries* are produced.

Best regards,

(on behalf of the Editorial Team)


*SEEsummary Editorial Note*

The *SEEsummary* is produced on a best effort basis, by our team of
volunteer editors. Each month, the editors scan local and regional media,
as well as websites of public institutions and other organisations, and
compile what they find to be some of the most significant digital policy

The *SEEsummary* does not claim to be a comprehensive source of
information. Despite our efforts, we may miss some things happening across
the region. To help us cover as many significant developments as possible,
we invite you to share with us news from your countries.

While we do our best to double-check the information we cover, and we
always provide links to the sources, we acknowledge the fact that errors
might appear in our summaries. Please rest assured that such errors are
never made on purpose. And we always stand ready to correct them.

For any corrections or contributions to our summaries, please contact
*SEESummary* coordinator Sorina Teleanu, at editors at seedig.net.
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