[seedig] SEEDIG 2018 survey: Share your views on digitalisation in SEE by 10 May! / SEE DIGITAL SUMMIT

Olga Kyryliuk olga_kyryliuk at ukr.net
Tue Apr 17 22:10:21 CEST 2018

Dear SEEDIGers,

A post of night inspiration after morning shout of frustration ;) 

Even our lives have been speeded up to the fullest, there should be some moments of quite reflection. Make a cup of favorite tea and share your thoughts with beloved SEEDIG community through a survey. It all takes huge efforts of small group of people to keep SEEDIG up and running, just pay a tribute with 10 minutes of your time to shape a better digital future for the region.

Sweet dreams :)


17 апреля 2018, 13:38:12, от "Dusan Stojicevic" <dusan at dukes.in.rs>:

Dear all, 

Don’t go there to fulfil the survey!!! Reading Facebook ToS or watching Mark’s faces while US senators were asking him questions for 10 hours, is much more exciting then this survey.
If you must go, count just on 10 hours, boiled brain and pain in the neck after 1435 questions. 

Or you can copy my approach> do this like normal installation of any app, by playing the game “quick clicking till the “finish” button” - “next, next, yes, ok, ok, confirm, next…”. Done in 5 min, save the brain and neck… ok, little bit of pain in my fingers, but I’ll survive. 




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Dear Sorina, all, 

Thank you for “announcing in a way” the information I was preparing to share with this email list. Namely, this week - 18 & 19 April, Macedonia / Skopje  will host the first Western Balkans Digital Summit (#DSWB6). “Experts, representatives of leading IT companies and high government delegation will discuss how to build the future of digital on the #WesternBalkans” -  the announcement says!   


I’ve seen several familiar names from this list, registered as participants for the summit! IGF MKD will be also present! 

Hopefully we will get substantial contribution for SEEDIG from this summit, in the context of your email about the digitalization as a wider term ! 

Kind regards from Skopje, 

Aleksandar Icokaev 

IGF MKD Coordinator 

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On Apr 16, 2018, at 18:11, Sorina Teleanu via seedig <seedig at lists.rnids.rs> wrote:

Dear all,

Continuing a practice started in 2016, we are hereby launching the SEEDIG annual survey, inviting you to share your views on several digital policy issues that will be discussed at our upcoming meeting in Ljubljana.

The survey is built around topics such as digitalisation and the digital economy in SEE, digital skills, Internet neutrality, digital rights, cybersecurity, and data-driven technologies. The results – to be compiled in a report – will be used as input for the different sessions included in the SEEDIG 2018 programme.

We would very much appreciate if you could take 10-15 minutes of your time and fill out the survey. The deadline for input is 10 May.

We thank you in advance. And we look forward to your contributions.

Best regards,


(on behalf of the Executive Committee)

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