[seedig] Role of former SEEDIG Hosts?

Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Tue Oct 24 11:48:07 CEST 2017

Dear all,


Nice idea, but… 

I want to clarify this with some exact facts.

1.       Annual meetings of SEEDIG was held in Sofia, Belgrade and Ohrid. By being a member of exe com at those points, I can say that you are talking about three people here - Iliya, me and Sasho, respectively. Anyone else would be just a representative of the hosting country, which is not idea, I presume?

2.       The role of advisory committee or the role of observer is unclear in SEEDIG process so far. This needs to be specified, but I always think of that role as Statler and Waldorf, two grandpa’s from Muppet Show, sitting on the balcony seats… (for young members of the list - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statler_and_Waldorf)

3.       All three of us, we all have good idea about logistics, but each meeting was different than other because of differences in SEEDIG agenda. We can help in logistics, but don’t know is that important, regarding the fact that every next meeting will be different in the future.

4.       Iliya and me, we already resigned in exe com, by our decisions to not involve more in SEEDIG. Sasho is currently in exe com. If you want to build something like this, before losing time in brainstorming – it’s not that you have 20 people to ask – it’s just three - you can ask us about participating in such committee. Somehow, I doubt that I would like the role of Statle or Waldorf J 


My two cents,





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Hi Anja,


Thanks for the additional context. And to clarify: I used advisor as a synonym for observer, so absolutely. Since our community is also rather small, those individuals would likely already be involved in some capacity regardless.


So, I still support it -- thanks for the good suggestion!




On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 8:24 AM, Anja Gengo <anja.gengo at gmail.com <mailto:anja.gengo at gmail.com> > wrote:

Dear Mihajlo, All,


Thanks a lot for a prompt response, and very important points.


While leaving it to the SEEDIG respective community to further brainstorm on this, I will just say that the experience of some of the NRIs and the IGF is to give to the Hosts the role of observers. It could be also to think about the role of advisors, as you said, with keeping a clear distinction between the role of the members of the EC and the Hosts representatives.


Best regards,






On 24 October 2017 at 10:18, Michael J. Oghia <mike.oghia at gmail.com <mailto:mike.oghia at gmail.com> > wrote:

Hi Anja, all:


I like this idea, especially since it could help incentivize more people / organizations / countries to get involved and help them stay involved over time. It would also give additional support to the EC. I'd like to hear what others think as well. I'm only concerned that since the SEEDIG region is relatively small, so eventually someone from each country could be involved, which could create a lot of unwanted bureaucracy and politics, or otherwise hinder the process.


Perhaps if such individuals were solely in an advisory position but the EC keeps all decision-making abilities, it would best protect the smooth operation of the SEEDIG process. 




On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 8:06 AM, Anja Gengo via seedig <seedig at lists.rnids.rs <mailto:seedig at lists.rnids.rs> > wrote:

Dear All,

Given the excellent progress on developing the ToR for the Executive Committee, I wanted to briefly ask if the SEEDIG respective community should think about giving a possibility for the former Hosts of the SEEDIG annual meetings, to continue having a say in the future SEEDIG processes.


I know some of the NRIs colleagues have this practice, as well as the IGF, where the seat on the multistakeholder core organizing teams is given to the Host Countries.
It could be seen as a way of showing respect toward those that were the direct drivers of the process implementation with making possible for the annual meeting to be hosted for the SEEDIG community. 

And of course, every next Host could most certainly benefit from the experience the former Hosts have. This option would be alternative, depending on the Hosts final decision. 


Just an idea, for the SEEDIG respective community to think of. 

Thank you, and good luck with the election process!


Best regards,






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