[seedig] Elections for SEEDIG executive committee: Election committee formed

Sorina Teleanu sorinat at diplomacy.edu
Wed Oct 4 18:54:36 CEST 2017

Dear all,

In line with the election calendar shared with you last week, we are
pleased to announce that the election committee has been formed and is
ready to start its work.

We remind you that the role of the election committee is to administer the
election process from the start of the nomination period until the
composition of the SEEDIG executive committee is announced.

Election committee composition:

   - Members:
      - Aleksandar Icokaev (private sector, FYR Macedonia)
      - Zdravko Jukic (government, Croatia)
      - Oksana Prykhodko (civil society, Ukraine)
   - Observers:
      - Andrea Beccalli (ICANN)
      - Anja Gengo (IGF Secretariat)
      - Sandra Hoferichter (EuroDIG)

With this, the executive committee ends its series of announcements related
to the election process. All other announcements and calls will be made by
the election committee.

Kindly note that the next step in the election process will be the call for
nominations, to be launched on 11 October. Until that date, the election
committee will work on preparing relevant announcements and forms.

We invite you all to join us in thanking the election committee in advance
for all the work it has signed up for.

Best regards,

(on behalf of the SEEDIG executive committee)


Election calendar



Publishing election calendar

Launching call for volunteers for election committee

Wednesday, 27 September

Deadline for expressions of interest to serve on the election committee

Sunday, 1 October

Announcing election committee

Wednesday, 4 October

Election committee prepares nomination announcements, forms, etc.

4–10 October

Launching call for nominations

Wednesday, 11 October

(Self)nomination period

Reviewing/publishing nominations

11–25 October

Announcing voting members

Wednesday, 18 October

Closing nomination period

25 October

Launching voting process

Friday, 27 October


27 October – 5 November

Voting closes

5 November (end of day)

Initial results (top 5 candidates)

7 November (end of day)

Proposal for executive committee (if top 5 candidates do not meet diversity

By 12 November

Objection period

12–19 November

Final results (if no objections raised)

20 November

Reviewing objections and providing response

20–22 November

Final results (if no additional objections)

23 November
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