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Valida Hromadzic lida at oneworldplatform.net
Fri May 19 12:25:41 CEST 2017

Dragi Dusane,

Even though it is unexpected information, I am happy that you are doing
what is best for you. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet you,
and be part of the experience that you have created. Thank you for your
time, the effort and selfless support that you have provided for SEEDIG.

On behalf of One World Platform I would like to thank you for flavoring
our BHIGF 2016 with your wisdom, personality and knowledge. It has been
a privilege to work with you.

I wish you good luck and all the best in your future endeavors.



On 5/17/2017 4:58 PM, Dusan Stojicevic wrote:
> Dear all,
> As our annual meeting in Ohrid is fast approaching, I would like to
> inform you about my resignation as a member of the executive committee.
> In fact, my resignation at the executive committee already happened
> back in March, when I announced, but I stayed to help in organisation
> of Ohrid event.
> As your support was crucial for me to became member of this committee,
> I need to explain to all of you my reasoning for this decision.
> Despite the fact that this is a voluntery role, there is a need for
> explanation.
> Reasons was very simple and easy to explain:
> 1.       Executive committee needs a new blood
> 2.       There is a clear need for a precise rules and firm leadership
> body before making any legal entity. So, my suggestion is to first
> develop a rules, firm structure and perform election of leadership,
> before opening any legal entity
> 3.       For a 3 years, a lot of things we have done and my humble
> opinion is that this work was overall very good and very fruitfull.
> And there is a huge potential in this initiative, speaking business
> wise and according to the needs of this reagion. But, leadership must
> have a clear plan, some form of strategy, and they all need to stand
> behind that plan, approved by you as a community. If there is no
> strength in leadership, dedicated to perform all actions necessary to
> reach the goals in that plan, the initiative will just lose the time
> without moving forward. As I am the one in the current team with
> different opinions on many things which was decided by executive
> committee, especially in strategic planning, it’s obvious that I
> needed to resign.
> 4.       Personal reasons – in this role, you need to have plenty of
> time on daily basis, to work properly on SEEDIG issues. I am not sure
> if I can alocate requested time in the future.
> 5.       Association in Serbia planned to be open until Ohrid meeting,
> and me as legal representative, was not done because of my decision
> based on all that I have mentioned above.
> I would like to thank you all for having confidence in me to be a
> member of this executive committtee from the beginning and I wish you
> a very successful meeting in Ohrid. I hope that things would be much
> clearer after this meeting, and that SEEDIG will move fast forward. I
> would stay in a role of list admin and web admin until next person is
> appointed, and will be here for anything that is left open and also as
> a member of community. Also, I want to thank to all members of
> executive committee for a good collaboration in these 3 years and
> confidence that they had in me, and to apologize if something was not
> good or I have done (or not done) as expected.  
> As I would not be present at the Ohrid meeting, I wish you all to
> enjoy amazing Ohrid and be careful with wonderful local cusine – it’s
> a killer, especialy Tavče na gravče (ТАВЧЕ НА ГРАВЧЕ)!
> Cheers,
> Dusan
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