[Icann-see] SEEDIG moving forward: input requested on aspects related to the coordination of SEEDIG activities (DL: 31 May)

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Thu May 26 23:23:04 CEST 2016

Dear Sorina,

Thank you for this update.

I can only join my colleagues in congratulating you once again on a really
amazing job you have done! And of course, it is in our best interest to
have you Sorina, Aida, Dusan and Lianna continuing to be the members of the

Iliya, I am sure that you will stay close to the community in some other
capacities, so there's no need to say that we will miss you. But, thank you
for the great work you did while being a EC member.

If I think about any names, I am sending it by 31 May.

Best regards,


On 24 May 2016 at 13:07, Sorina Teleanu <sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro> wrote:

> Dear all,
> A month has passed since the SEEDIG 2016 meeting, and we would like to
> thank you once again for your involvement and contribution to both the
> meeting and the preparatory process. We are currently working on the
> meeting report, which is planned to be finalised and shared with you by
> early June.
> The feedback we received after Belgrade was positive, and it seems there
> is a more or less general agreement that SEEDIG should continue as a
> sub-regional IGF initiative. With this in mind, we think it is now time to
> start thinking about how SEEDIG should move forward (including with regard
> to the next annual meetings and possible inter-sessional activities). But
> before we start discussing such issues, there is one important thing we
> need to agree upon: the coordination of SEEDIG activities.
> As you know, the preparatory process for SEEDIG 2016 was coordinated by an
> executive committee composed of: Iliya Bazlyankov, Lianna Galstyan, Aida
> Mahmutović, Dušan Stojičević and Sorina Teleanu. The committee’s
> composition was endorsed by this list in August 2015 (you can see the
> mailing list archive for more details).
> At the moment, and following the resignation of Iliya Bazlyankov
> (effective as of May 2016), the still acting executive committee is
> composed of four members, representing two stakeholder groups: civil
> society (Aida, Lianna and Sorina) and technical community (Dušan). Once the
> SEEDIG 2016 report is ready, our ‘mandate’ for the SEEDIG 2016 cycle will
> end. And we are now at the point when we need to decide on the composition
> of the executive committee for the next two years. (We think that, at this
> stage in the evolution of SEEDIG, it is important to plan things on longer
> term, and we believe that a two-year mandate for the executive committee
> would bring consistency to such long-term planning). This decision involves
> two aspects:
> 1. The current four members of the executive committee (Aida, Dušan,
> Lianna and Sorina) are willing and ready to continue to act in this
> capacity for the SEEDIG 2017 and 2018 cycles, subject to approval from this
> community. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask for your endorsement in
> this regard.
> Your comments on the proposal for the current four members to continue to
> be part of the executive committee for SEEDIG 2017 and 2018 are welcome via
> this mailing list until Tuesday, 31 May 2016. As before, the absence of any
> formal objection will be considered as general agreement with the proposal.
> 2. Subject to the endorsement mentioned at point 1, a fifth member of the
> executive committee would need to be identified (preferably within a
> stakeholder group other than civil society and the technical community). We
> would therefore like to invite you all to consider nominating either
> yourself or someone else for this role.
> Nominations are welcome via this mailing list until Tuesday, 31 May 2016.
> When submitting your nominations, please indicate the name, country, and
> stakeholder group of the nominee, as well as a very brief motivation for
> your nomination. All nominations will then be put up for discussions and
> decision by the entire mailing list.
> To reiterate, we are kindly asking for your input on the two points above,
> by Tuesday, 31 May. Based on this input, we will write back to you with
> suggestions regarding next steps.
> Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
> Best regards,
> Sorina
> (on behalf of the SEEDIG 2016 executive committee)
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