[icann-see] Mixed fillings news

Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Wed Aug 31 22:41:27 CEST 2016

Dear all, 


Some news like this one brings mixed fillings for me.

Eugen Staicut from .RO registry will leave our mailing list.

Reason: retirement, starting from September 1


Why mixed? It's always tough decision between congratulating or not day of

With regrets for him leaving the list, I am sure that Eugen will be happy to
finally rest from this position and work, leaving it to younger generation. 

So, I want to congratulate Eugen for being successful leader of .RO registry
for so many years, with a lot of success proved not only by number of domain
names in .ro database, but by everything that .RO really is today.


Eugen, wish You all the best, pleasant retirement and take a good rest. You
deserve it. Enjoy your retirement!





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