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Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Sat Oct 24 18:56:22 CEST 2015

Dear all,

As I announced in one of my previous mails, event-crazy October is in 

1. On 13. October Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) 
organized lecture „Cyber threats and web security“ for students of 
University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering

2. On 15. October RNIDS organized event „Mobile but secure in Serbia“, 
in Belgrade Cultural Center. This event put a light on security in 
mobile world, when You use smartphones. Among other things, our guest 
speaker was Sava Savić, Serbian GAC representative and Assistant 
Minister in Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

3. On 21. October Government Office for Cooperation with civil society 
and RNIDS organized event in Belgrade House of Youth event about 
multistakeholderism -  „More players, more interest, more Internet!“, 
which was the part of Week of parliamentarism. Among other, our speaker 
was Vice-President of the Parliament, and we had a good discussion about 
how and where we can include MS model in Serbia.

4. On 23. Oktober we repeated  lecture „Cyber threats and web security“ 
for students of High ICT School in Belgrade. Although it's a same name, 
lecturers are different, and every lecture is similar but from another 

5. RNIDS Cyber security "circus", part of ENISA cyber security month 
<https://cybersecuritymonth.eu/>, will be ended on 29. October, with the 
same lecture „Cyber threats and web security“ for students of Belgrade 
School of Mathematics.

More about this events You can find here>


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