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Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Wed Oct 14 16:07:57 CEST 2015

Dear all,

Cold wheater and rain in Belgrade didn't succeed to stop us in our plan. 
Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) organized several 
events in a recent month, and I would like to share with You some short 
*1.* Serbian Chamber of Commerce, INTA (International Trademark 
Association) and RNIDS, have organized together event "Protection of 
goods on the Internet", on 21th September in Belgrade. This topic manage 
to gathere huge crowd, and on this event, we had participants from State 
Customs Administration, State Police, State Prosecution, State Market 
inspection, ISPs, holders of intellectual property rights, as well as 
businessmen who are engaged in e-commerce.
*2.* On 24th and 25th September at the Zira Hotel in Belgrade RNIDS (the 
Serbian National Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation) organised the 
48th CENTR Legal and Regulatory Workshop, bringing together 23 
participants from 16 national registries, as well as delegates from the 
Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR). In 
addition to European registries, the Canadian national registry was also 
represented at the meeting.
*3.* The Faculty of Security Studies was the venue on 25th September for 
an open lecture titled Big Data and Cyber-Security. The Serbian National 
Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation (RNIDS) and the US Embassy in 
Belgrade organised the talk in partnership with the Faculty of Security 
Studies, the ETF (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) Students’ Union and 
the PMF (Faculty of Sciences) Students’ Union.
*4.* RNIDS and ISOC Serbia organized on 6th October in Belgrade event 
"Internet Access in Serbia: Problems, Challenges, Solutions". Among 
Serbian experts, very good lecture came from Frederick Donck (ISOC) and 
interesting Slovenian solutions in this topic came from Jan Žorž (ISOC, 

According to the plan, we will have another series of events through the 
whole October, which is, btw, ENISA month of cyber security.

Dusan **

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