[Icann-see] ICANN SEE / SEEDIG meeting, ICANN53 Buenos Aires, 23 June - Notes

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Dear Jean-Jacques, all, 

Thanks for sending out these notes fron the meeting we had in BA. I also would like to thank once again Sorina, Dusan, Wolf, Sandra and the whole org committee for a great work and enormous time and efforts put in the success of EuroDIG and SEEDIG. 

I am ready to provide my further support wherever is needed.

Hope you all are already back homes after another great ICANN meeting.

Best of luck and keep in touch.


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Subject: [Icann-see] ICANN SEE / SEEDIG meeting, ICANN53 Buenos Aires,	23 June - Notes

Dear all,
This is an informal note of the main points raised during the meeting of the ICANN South Eastern Europe group on Tuesday 23 June. Many thanks to all of those who could join us that day!

Stocktake of Eurodig in Sofia (4-5 June 2015)

Thanks were given to Iliya Bazlyankov for his excellent hosting of Eurodig in Sofia, and Wolf and Sandra in the Eurodig organising team.


There was a slight decrease in numbers compared to the 2014 Berlin event, but it was expected. In terms of numbers, Sofia had 500 registrations and around 360 showed up. We will need to count for increasing ‘no shows’ in future.


Next year in Brussels should be big – expecting 1000 people

SEEDIG was the nicest surprise; very well done by the organising committee, with an open process, encouraging participation; excellent performance and we look forward to see this baby growing. There are some opinions that when Eurodig
 goes next to Western Europe, SEEDIG stays east. Sorina will coordinate local consultation on this matter; the region must decide on the next location. That said, the Eurodig organisation would appreciate if we keep the process in line with Eurodig; like Eurodig,
 the planning processs for SEEDIG could start as soon as this year’s event is over. Call for Eurodig proposals will be starting in October a priori; and we can combine it with a call for SEEDIG proposals, keeping it in an open and inclusive way – that’s one
 of the success factors of Eurodig and now SEEDIG. SEEDIG can be one of the milestones linking to Eurodig in Brussels.


The results of Eurodig Sofia will feed into the global IGF in November

Eurodig 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of Eurodig, and the Estonian Government has confirmed their intention to host, which will be a good signal to go from West to North-East Europe.


In future, we need to remain active, reflect on what can be done better, especially in terms of format. For example, two plenaries were not really Eurodig-like: too many panellists, not inviting the audience to participate at an early
 stage, etc. In Brussels next year, we will also need strong moderation to ensure that speakers do not monopolise the discussion.

A suggestion was made to propose to the European Commission to hold their EC High Level Group on Internet Governance (HLIG) during the same week of Eurodig in order to ensure that senior government officials are present.

Action point: Jean-Jacques and/or Wolf to ask EC about holding a future HLIG to coincide with the next Eurodig.


The challenge is to build on this year’s success. The mailing list should decide on future location and timing. Some ideas were brought up, as follows:


Location: Perhaps having SEEDIG in Brussels together with Eurodig is not a good idea as it will be difficult for most in the SEE community to attend; but we should keep a strong link to and develop synergies with Eurodig. Serbia
 was mentioned as a possible location, as they already have an advanced multi-stakeholder structure working.


Budget: If SEEDIG stays in the region, we will need to find funds, as this year we could count on the wider infrastructure of Eurodig in order to finance most of the organisation and logistics. If we approach business for funding,
 we will need strong institutional support and recognition from Eurodig and ICANN (it was noted that at the beginning of Eurodig, it had ‘patronage’ from EBU, Swiss Ofcom, and the Council of Europe, which helped ensure its initial success).

ACTION POINT: Wolf, Jean-Jacques, Dusan, Sorina and any others interested to discuss practical aspects of legalities and ways to officially support funding organisation.


Linking up to Eurodig: We should consider bringing some SEE people to Eurodig to feed into the wider European discussions.

We will post these notes shortly on the ICANN Wiki Space :


Kind regards,
Vice-President, Europe
Tel: +44 77 400 73176
Skype: jean-jacques.sahel.icann

jean-jacques.sahel at icann.org 
One World, One Internet



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