[Icann-see] Intellectual Property and the Internet

Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Sun Jun 14 13:06:29 CEST 2015

Dear all,

Foundation "Serbian National Internet Domain Registry" (RNIDS) and the 
Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, have organized last week (June 
11.) a conference on "Intellectual Property and the Internet".
The conference was opened by prof. Dr. Sima Avramovic, Dean of the 
Faculty of Law, Danko Jevtović, director of RNIDS, Nevenka Novakovic, 
the acting Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia and 
prof. Dr. Dusan Popovic, president of the Commission for the resolution 
of disputes regarding the registration of national internet domain name. 
Introductory lecture was done by attorney Jonathan Cohen (Jonathan 
Cohen), a member of theIntellectual Property Constituency 
<http://www.ipconstituency.org/> within the Internet Corporation for 
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
The main two topics of the gathering were the "Internet domain names and 
stamped protected designation" and "Copyright and Internet", and the 
conference was organized under the auspices of ICANN.
Dejan Djukic, Head of the Sector for General and Legal Affairs at RNIDS, 
told the media that the easier availability of information is clearly 
one of the main consequences of Internet development, but which brought 
with it and simpler ways to violations of intellectual property rights.
"Lawmakers fail to follow the dynamics of the Internet, so today there 
is no sufficiently effective mechanism to adequately answer amount of 
violations of intellectual property rights on the Internet. The 
protection of such violations requires a lot of work 'on the ground', 
with many obstacles, because the Internet is undefined expanse with no 
state boundaries as they exist in the real world, "said Djukic.
Prof. Dr. Dusan Popovic said during the conference that intellectual 
property is a very broad concept and that individuals and companies need 
to first determine what you actually want to protect. "Copyright is a 
private right and the authors themselves must take care of its 
protection, and not wait for someone else, the state or... Also, 
citizens and business people often do not understand that copyright can 
not protect an idea or a concept. Ideas are free and copyright only 
protects the way the idea is expressed, "explained Popovic.
Special types of protection of intellectual property rights, when they 
are committed on the Internet, does not exist. Regarding regulation, 
Serbia keep up with global and European trends of intellectual property 
protection and in a comprehensive manner regulates all areas that fall, 
and one of the laws regulating this area, the Law on Copyright and 
Related Rights.
The local rules for resolving domain name disputes are harmonized with 
rules developed by ICANN. Their use enables the holders of protected 
trademarks that effective procedure that takes about two months, take 
the registration of the domain name of Cyber squatters and domainers, 
ie. persons who negligently registered the domain name that is identical 
or similar to another's trademark.


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