[Icann-see] Fwd: Pre-Eurodig 2015 event in Moldova highlights human rights for internet users and the need for National IGF

Veronica Cretu veronica at cretu.md
Fri Jun 5 11:49:26 CEST 2015

> Dear colleagues, warm greetings from Moldova!
> I have been closely following the discussions on the list throughout the
> past months, unfortunately could not commit for an active engagement, due
> to personal matters.
> However, on behalf of Council of Europe, I managed to organize a
> Pre-EuroDIG 2015 event in Chisinau last week, which brought together
> representatives of public sector, civil society, international
> organizations.
> We looked into a number of issues which are going to be addressed @
> EuroDIG Sofia, as well as anchored some of the discussions in local related
> issues, such as - ways to implement the Guide on Human Rights for Internet
> Users of CoE in Moldova and
> - modalities for launching a National IGF platform - why it is taking so
> long for Moldova to have its own discussion platform around IG and what
> could be done!
> Attached, I am sharing a report based on the discussions from last week!
> Otherwise, wishing you all best of luck with SEE and EuroDIG and fingers
> crossed that some more energy and dynamism around IG issues will be
> generated afterwards in our region.
> With very best,
> Veronica
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