[Icann-see] Summary of the second virtual meeting and next steps in preparing the SEE event

Sorina Teleanu sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro
Thu Feb 26 12:04:38 CET 2015

Dear all,

As you know, the second virtual meeting dedicated to preparations for the SEE event was held yesterday and I would like to thank all those who participated (ten participants in total).

We had a very good discussion, especially on:

1. Overarching theme and name of the event
These were agreed upon by participants in the meeting:
- overarching theme (the intial proposal was formally approved): „Multistakeholder Internet governance: from global debates to the South Eastern European realities”
- general name for the event: “South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance”

 2. Draft programme outline
- few changes were made to the draft previously shared with the list. The new version is attached to this email.
- further work now needs to be done on more elaborated session descriptions. Liana, Naser and I will work on draft session descriptions, which would be then shared with the entire group, for comments and further input. Once there is agreement on the session description, we should move into identifying panellists, moderators and rapporteurs.

3. Outreach
- we have agreed on a text for a sort of an  invitation (attached) that each of us could use when approaching possible participants in the event. The invitation would be signed by whoever uses it, on behalf of the entire organising group. A general email address was created and added to the invitation, so that any questions with regards to the event can be directed to a single point and we can respond to them in a coordinated manner. All those who want to have the emails going to this address forwarded to them are kindly invited to indicate this via the mailing list. As an observation, this invitation should not be used for governmental bodies, as formal invitations are to be sent by the Bulgarian Ministry.
- all members of the mailing list are kindly encouraged to use the above mentioned invitation (together with the draft programme outline, if needed) and reach out to members of their communities. Any suggestions in this regard and any actions undertaken can be added in the shared spreadsheet available here:
- suggestions regarding the issue of funding participants to attend the event are also encouraged, as this is one of main challenges for attracting participation.

3. Budget and sponsorship
- based on a draft cost estimates shared by Ekaterina Dureva, the total cost for the event (room, technical equipment, webstreaming, coffee breaks and a light lunch) would be 4.000 euros. A more detailed estimation can be found in an attached document.
- as the overall EuroDIG budget is still under development and we are not sure at this point how much money would be available for the SEE event, all members of this list are kindly encouraged to make suggestions regarding possible sponsors. We can then discuss these suggestions with the EuroDIG Secretariat. Details about donations to EuroDIG are available here: http://www.eurodig.org/about/donations/

A more detailed summary of yesterday's meeting is attached to this email.

Next steps:
1. continue work on the programme outline:
   - draft session descriptions to be prepared by Lianna, Naser and Sorina and shared with the list;
   - comments and further input on the draft session descriptions would be sought from the list;
   - once there is agreement on the session description, suggestions would be sought for panellists, moderators and rapporteurs.
2. continue efforts for outreach and attracting sponsors. Please add your sugegstions/actions here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/114ZIumCsdNKB65_fFx8KxNnf4HtMQ9CLY3T2wkvecoI/edit?usp=sharing
3. a third virtual meeting will be held once the programme outline is further developed.

Best regards,


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