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Sorina Teleanu sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro
Fri Feb 20 15:22:39 CET 2015

Hi, all!

Andrea, you're right, it will be useful to have such a SEE community space on the ICANN wiki, as you say, as a tool to engage with SEE stakeholders on various issues. My initial thoughts were a bit narrow, as I was only thinking in terms of the SEE event - sorry for that. And thank you for having created the space ( as well as an account for me).

Lorena,  thanks for sharing this update about the EuroDIG wiki. I don't have a specific structure in mind for the SEE group, so I guess we will wait to see how it looks, generally, and then ask for your advice/assistance if we need to change something. If others have specific ideas at this point about the structure, please intervene.

Best regards,


De la: Lorena Jaume-Palasi [lorena at eurodig.org]
Trimis: 20 februarie 2015 11:31
Către: Andrea Beccalli; icann-see at rnids.rs; Sorina Teleanu
Subiect: Re: [Icann-see] EuroDIG wiki (was SEE event - Compilation of contributions and next virtual meeting)

Dear all,

yes. We are about to launch the Wiki (by the end of next week if everything goes well). Our wiki was hijacked and I am still doing a lot of backend work to restore it. I am also moving it to another host. After that I suggest all the people among you willing to edit the wiki to create an account and adapt your space as it fits you most. I can create a sort of initial structure for you - but it is not carved in stone ;) I'll be also glad to help you in case of needing some advice for the editing.

Please send me an email if you already have some whishes with regards to a structure, etc.



Sorina Teleanu <sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro> hat am 18. Februar 2015 um 12:43 geschrieben:

Hi, Andrea!

Thank you for the offer. That would be helpful, especially when we have more documents to work on (like the programme outline, etc). But I would say let's wait a bit to see what is happening with the EuroDIG wiki. I know the Secretariat (Lorena) is working on something similar to the EuroDIG 2014 wiki (some of you might remember it) and that would be something we could use, as part of EuroDIG.

Lorena, Sandra, when you have updates on the wiki, could you please share them with us?



De la: Andrea Beccalli [andrea.beccalli at icann.org]
Trimis: 18 februarie 2015 13:21
Către: Sorina Teleanu; icann-see at rnids.rs
Subiect: Re: [Icann-see] SEE event - Compilation of contributions and next virtual meeting

Thank you Sorina, if helpful I can also create a Wiki space in the ICANN
Community wiki, in this case I need name and email of those interested to
give you editing rights.

On 2/18/15 9:42 AM, "Sorina Teleanu" <sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro> wrote:

>Dear all,
>As the 15 February deadline for input has passed, I would like to thank
>all those who have responded to the call and provided their comments.
>Attached is a compilation of the contributions received. If I have missed
>anything, please let me know and I will make the necessary corrections.
>As announced before, the next step would be to have a virtual meeting (in
>the second part of next week), in order to: discuss the contributions
>received, move forward with shapping the programme of the event, and
>continue discussions on outreach and sponsorship opportunities.
>I have therefore set up a Doodle poll and I would like to kindly invite
>you all to indicate your availability for the virtual meeting. The poll
>will remain open until Sunday, 22 February. I will then set up a Webex
>meeting and send you the details.
>The executive committee is currently trying to prepare a first draft
>programme outline for the event, taking into account both the results of
>the January meeting in Sofia and the online contributions. The plan is to
>share such a draft on the list in advance of the virtual meeting and to
>have it discussed during the meeting.
>Meanwhile, I have also created a spreadsheet including the
>suggestions/commitments made so far regarding outreach and sponsorship
>opportunities. Please feel free to add there any other suggestion you
>might have.
>Thank you!
>Best regards,


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