[Icann-see] Summary of the SEE event second planning meeting + call for input (DL: 15 Febr)

Mikhail M. Komarov mkomarov at hse.ru
Sun Feb 8 20:43:23 CET 2015

Dear Colleagues,
Sorry for such a long silence from my side ( a bit busy with some reforms goijg on at the Uni) -
I will be happy to inform about the SEE members of Russian Parliament and Members of Council of Federation - responsible for the information society development in Russia.
In terms of Sponsors I will ask regional colleagues such as RIPE NCC and some Internet-oriented companies in Russia - but I would like to support the idea - we need concrete proposals for them...

In terms of possible topics - I would like to have discussion and to share general experience with the Personal protection acts and laws in different countries as well as another round table - personal data protection, big data and e-business development (i can cover collaborative data sharing business model within this topic). 

Would love to participate at the event!

With best wishes,

With best wishes,
Dr. Mikhail Komarov
mob. +7-906-760-40-80
Deputy dean for international relations,
Associate professor at the department of innovations and business in IT
Faculty of Business Informatics
National Research University Higher School of Economics

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Тема: [Icann-see] Summary of the SEE event second planning meeting + call for input (DL: 15 Febr)

Dear all,

As you know, a second planning meeting for the pre-EuroDIG SEE event took place yesterday, in Sofia. Twelve people participated in this meeting.

We continued discussions on topics and format of the sessions, messages from the event, outreach and logistics.

Attached is a summary of our discussions, together with a call for input inviting all of you to contribute your views/indicate your agreement or disagreement with the proposals resulting from our discussions.

The deadline for input is 15 February. After that, we will organize a second virtual meeting to start framing the sessions (working titles, participants, moderators, rapporteurs, remote moderators, etc) and provide updates and continue discussions on logistics and outreach.

Thank you and looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,


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