[Icann-see] Summary of the SEE event second planning meeting + call for input (DL: 15 Febr)

Plamena Popova plam.popova at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 19:09:01 CET 2015

Hi Sorina and all,

Thanks for the summary (I have attended only part of the meeting in Sofia
so having the whole picture is really helpful).
Let me add a few remarks/questions on the SEE event:

On Topics: I agree with the mentioned (by Wolf? if I recall correctly)
during the Sofia meeting that one of the accents among discussed topics
should be given to Cyrillic IDN (both ccTLD/gTLD). I think that the issue
gives plenty of room for discussions/ideas for development.

On Sponsors: I do have ideas for eventual sponsors of the event. However, I
will appreciate some clarifications on the conditions for the sponsorship.
For example - how the sponsor shall be "shown"/ mentioned on the event?
meaning - some notice on the website? EuroDIG' website? I need some
clarification in this regard prior to contact the potential donors.

On Social event: I was thinking that a possible place of such social event
could be Bulgarian National Library. It seems appropriate as it is placed
in the center of Sofia, could host such an event (as Library University we
could cooperate with eventual arrangements) and is  also thematic(from the
Cyrillic alphabet  to the Cyrillic IDNs and the future :) What do you

All the best,

2015-01-27 14:33 GMT+02:00 Sorina Teleanu <sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro>:

> Dear all,
> As you know, a second planning meeting for the pre-EuroDIG SEE event took
> place yesterday, in Sofia. Twelve people participated in this meeting.
> We continued discussions on topics and format of the sessions, messages
> from the event, outreach and logistics.
> Attached is a summary of our discussions, together with a call for input
> inviting all of you to contribute your views/indicate your agreement or
> disagreement with the proposals resulting from our discussions.
> The deadline for input is 15 February. After that, we will organize a
> second virtual meeting to start framing the sessions (working titles,
> participants, moderators, rapporteurs, remote moderators, etc) and provide
> updates and continue discussions on logistics and outreach.
> Thank you and looking forward to your feedback.
> Best regards,
> Sorina
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