[Icann-see] Pre-EuroDIG South Eastern European Round Table

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Mon Nov 24 22:53:49 CET 2014

Dear Aida and all,

thanks for your thoughts and questions below and you raised an important point or problem. As you said, it is very difficult to mobilize other stakeholders when an invitation comes "just from an NGO" (what is usually not taken serious). Over previous EuroDIGs - and for Sofia as well -- we therefore made arrangements with our respective hosts and a ministry in the host country to prepare and send such invitations for the next EuroDIG from a governmental level to governmental bodies in other countries. The same counts for the business sector -- it is more useful and effective when business entities already involved invite other companies "among themselves" and encourage them to participate in the process and at the event itself.

Such "rules" (based on experience) will / should be applied for Sofia as well. In early 2015, a Bulgarian Ministry will send such invitations to other European governments and other networking works often best within a stakeholder group (business, technical community, civil society etc.). I am confident that this may apply for Sofia as well.

Best regards,

Aida Mahmutovic wrote Mon, 24 Nov 2014 21:56:
>Dear all,
>I hope this email finds you well.
>As I mentioned in one of previous emails, I am sending you links for
>EuroDIG Call for Proposal that we published in our website. You can find *(and
>use it)* in:
>- Bosnian (for Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro)
> and english version
>As for spreading the word and engaging different stakeholders - we should
>maybe come up with some strategies, and I am saying this from our
>experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina where there is almost no interest in
>having the dialogue on IG (especially by Government and private sector) -
>and even less if they are invited directly by NGO. They are more keeping it
>among themselves (of course).
>Is there a possibility that the invitation can be sent to some addresses
>directly by EuroDIG? This could be taken into account more seriously by
>above mentioned "hard-to-get ones".
>Other than that I am in contact with few interested parties from Slovenia -
>and I will inform you about that in more details soon.
>As for the tech event - do we still have in our planes to organise online
>meetings/webinars (something like webinars that DiploFoundation is doing)?
>I think this would be good introduction and preparatory process for
>representatives who will attend the SEE meeting and EuroDIG in person.
> For anything that you might need - you can count on me as much as my time
>Kind regards to all,
>On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 9:22 AM, Siranush Vardanyan <
>siranush_vardanyan at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Sorina, dear all,
>> Thanks for starting this discussions.
>> Related to information spread, I am trying to reach several parties in
>> Armenia, to inform people to apply with proposals.
>> I have talked with the rep from ISOC, who are eager to participate and
>> provide the info related the new development of local content, which many
>> of you know the news (https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2014-11-20-en
>> IDN ccTLD Request from Armenia Successfully Passes String Evaluation
>> <https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2014-11-20-enIDN%20ccTLD%20Request%20from%20Armenia%20Successfully%20Passes%20String%20Evaluation>).
>> In December ISOC is planning to have a general meeting and I am going to
>> mention about this opportunity to all members as well, as there are many IT
>> related organizations, whose members are also members of local ISOC chapter.
>> As far as I am aware, the main issue is still funding, if there are any
>> funds available for people from Eastern countries to come to Sofia, both to
>> pre-event and to EuroDIG itself. many people can come (at least local ISOC
>> who is also ccTLD have difficulties to fund participation, but I will also
>> raise the importance of providing at least some funds for participation).
>> I agree with Sorina's point here of having two sessions during pre-event,
>> with one general accent of IG and the second - best practices, experience
>> sharing.
>> As for volunteering, you can count on me as well to be a part of the
>> discussions, to share the info with local community, to encourage
>> participation as much as possible.
>> My two cents for now.
>> Best
>> Siranush
>> > From: sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro
>> > To: icann-see at rnids.rs
>> > Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 15:40:14 +0000
>> > Subject: [Icann-see] Pre-EuroDIG South Eastern European Round Table
>> >
>> > Dear all,
>> >
>> > As you have seen in the EuroDIG newsletter circulated by Sandra, EuroDIG
>> has re-confirmed the plans for a SEE round table the day before EuroDIG
>> 2015. As the time is running quickly, I think we need to kick-start the
>> discussions on the preparations for this event.
>> >
>> > First, many thanks to Sandra and Wolf for their responses and
>> suggestions in reply to my previous email and to Dusan for setting up this
>> mailing list.
>> >
>> > Base on these latests exchanges, I think there are few things we should
>> start considering/discussing about. I am listing them below, together with
>> a summary of our previous discussions, and kindly invite all of you to
>> share your thoughts.
>> >
>> > 1. Objective of the event and expected results
>> >
>> > Q: What do we want to achieve with this event?
>> Capacity-building/awareness raising etc?
>> >
>> > Previous discussions:
>> > - “There is lack of awareness among policy and decision makers of the
>> importance of digital policy and Internet governance. New Policy guidelines
>> of the European Commission outline digital policy as one of the top
>> priorities of Europe in future (see a blog). While they will realise it
>> sooner or later, we need to help it happen sooner and focus on building
>> capacities of the governments and institutions to deal with new issues in a
>> meaningful way (security with freedoms, data protection and privacy with
>> security, open market with net neutrality, etc).”
>> > - “Initially, explaining the benefits of multistakeholder approach for
>> national IG; then, building multistakeholder policy-making mechanisms (like
>> CGI.br) in SEE countries; also increasing cooperation among the SEE states
>> on IG issues (cybersecurity may be a first good step for cooperation).”
>> > - Address the lack of understanding of the Internet as an ecosystem
>> (Internet and IG regarded as a technical and judicial issue) and the need
>> for basic education on IG;
>> >
>> >
>> > 2. Identifying the key needs/issues/possible themes
>> >
>> > Q: What should be the theme(s) of the event? What issues do we want to
>> discuss?
>> >
>> > Previous discussions:
>> > - the need for capacity building, and responding to a perceived lack of
>> information on IG issues;
>> > - recognizing what are Internet governance issues in the first place;
>> > - learn more about what is ICANN; what are registries / registrars;
>> > - security & privacy;
>> > - the multi-stakeholder model - what is community-driven policy? How
>> does it work?
>> > - digital divide;
>> > - IDNs;
>> > - content localisation;
>> > - cybercrime;
>> > - censorship/interference with content.
>> >
>> > 3. Format and duration of the event
>> >
>> > This is closely related to point 2 above and the number of issues we
>> choose to discuss.
>> >
>> > Q: How to frame the discussions? What format should the event have? Do
>> we aim to have a half day event or a full day event?
>> >
>> >
>> > Based on our previous discussions, and having in mind that we all admit
>> there is not much awareness in SEE about IG, in general, my initial
>> thoughts would be the following:
>> >
>> > We could use this event to: promote understanding about IG/IG issues;
>> raise awareness and interest to participate in regional and international
>> IG debates; explain the importance of developing multistakeholder IG models
>> at national level.
>> >
>> > With such "objectives" is mind, I would see this event unfold in two
>> sessions, under a general theme along these lines "Multistakeholder
>> Internet governance: from the global debates to the SEE realities". The
>> first session would be a more general one, in which to first explain the
>> notions of IG, multistakeholder model, existing IG fora and institutions
>> and then have an open discussion on why and how stakeholders in SEE should
>> be more involved in IG debates and why and how to develop national
>> multistakeholder mechanisms for IG. For the second session, we could choose
>> one or two IG issues that are relevant from our region and have a
>> discussion on how these issues are currently addressed within the region
>> and how they could/should be further addressed within a multistakeholder
>> framework, based on existing best practices and sharing experiences (for
>> example: digital divide, development of local content, management of ccTLDs
>> etc.).
>> >
>> > As I have said, these are just some initial, general thoughts that I am
>> sharing as a starting point for discussion. Please add in your suggestions
>> and let's start building this event. I understood that the Bulgarian host
>> of EuroDIG 2015 will also come up with some ideas soon.
>> >
>> > ---
>> >
>> > While I know this email is already long, there are few more things I
>> would like to mention:
>> >
>> > a. Do not forget about the EuroDIG's call for proposal:
>> http://www.eurodig.org/get-involved/call-for-proposals/?no_cache=1 . I
>> think it is also important for all of us to contribute to the EuroDIG call,
>> as the input submitted will shape the agenda of the next year’s EuroDIG.
>> Thinking about what Wolf mentioned in one of his previous emails, it would
>> be good to have the SEE voice heard not only during the pre-event, but also
>> within the EuroDIG itself.
>> >
>> > b. We also need to think about how to get people from the region to
>> actually attend the pre-EuroDIG event. First, we need to spread the word
>> about this event and try to bring as many people as possible to Sofia. What
>> resources can we use for this? Suggestions?
>> > Second, EuroDIG is making efforts to attract funding for supporting
>> travel for participants, but they also need our help. Does anyone have any
>> idea/suggestion about who to approach to help with such funding? Maybe
>> national ccTLD registries can help out sponsoring few participants from
>> their countries; in addition to .mk, .rs, .bg and .ro, whose representative
>> I understand are already on this list, can we reach out to other ccTLDs
>> from the region?
>> >
>> > c. Regarding organizational aspects: Should we set up a small group of
>> volunteers to take forward this process, keep track of our discussions, and
>> maintain communication with the EuroDIG team?
>> > Also, Sandra has informed me that a EuroDIG mailing list will be
>> provided later for us to move the discussions on this specific event there.
>> And that we would need to indicate a contact person to be included in the
>> EuroDIG team's page: http://www.eurodig.org/about/team/
>> >
>> > Thank you all for your patience in reading this far and I am looking
>> forward to hearing from you.
>> >
>> > Best regards,
>> >
>> > Sorina
>> >
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