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Dear Dusan,

Could you please include in the mailing list also this email: bzankova at gmail.com, Bissera Zankova.
Thank you very much


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Dear all,

Mailing list is up'n'running, as You can see.
Everybody from last email from Sorina, that were in TO and CC are included.
If there is any problem, or we must include someone else, write to the list.


On 3.11.2014 19:49, Sorina Teleanu wrote:
> Dear Andrea,
> Thank you for sending these notes.
> Dear all,
> I understand that one of the issues discussed during this meeting was related to the SEE round-table planned for the day before EuroDIG 2015.
> First, many thanks to the EuroDIG team (especially Sandra and Wolf) for proposing this event. I agree that this approach would allow any potential message from the region (the 'results' of the round table) to go directly into EuroDIG and I like Wolf's idea about such a message being presented during a main session. I also support the idea of having pre-EuroDIG webinars for the region and I hope Vlada/Diplo can help with this (with contributions from all of us).
> Second, as I was not in LA, I would like to ask those who where there whether a discussion was initiated on how and what to prepare for this round-table (timeline for the preparatory process, who is doing what, issues to be addressed during the round-table etc). If not, I think we should start this discussion soon (maybe once the mailing list hosted RNIDS is up and running) and see what needs to be done.
> Sandra/Wolf, there are two questions I would like to ask (apologies if these were already raised in LA):
> 1. Is there any particular aspect of this round-table that you (the EuroDIG team) have already thought about and that should be taken into account when planning this event (duration, format etc)?
> 2. I know you are trying to find funding for travel support for participants in the region. Do you have any update on this?
> Thank you all!
> Best regards,
> Sorina
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> Subiect: SEE meeting at ICANN51 Los Angeles, minutes
> Dear SEE stakeholders, friends
> Please find below the minutes from the SEE meeting at ICANN51 in Los Angeles,  do not hesitate in sharing any other thoughts, feedback from the meeting and ideas in preparation of a pre-event at the 2015 EuroDIG in Sofia.
> Upcoming events in the region:
> -        4 and 5 December, Winter school on Cybersecurity, (http://www.diplomacy.edu/calendar/cybersecurity-winter-school)
> -        5 December Domain Forum in Sofia, impact of new gTLDs, impact of IDNs and ICANN, larger Internet Governance debate (http://domainforum.global<http://domainforum.global/>)
> Past events:
> -        28, 29 August, ICANN Studentenkries (http://www.icann-studienkreis.net/), Fadi participated and met with Bulgarian Government officials
> -        September 15, Fadi signed a MoU with Macedonia and a similar MoU is coming for Bulgaria
> Danko Jevtovic (RNIDS)
> -        Need for a more structured mailing list for the SEE group
> -        At ICANN 51 less people from the region than in London, regional presence at ICANN meeting is important and support the event in Bulgaria
> -        Celebration of the day of Internet domain on March 10, 6 following years of celebration of the event, this year confirmed participation of Martin Boyle from Nominet. On  March 11 there will be an event to emphasize regional cooperation a regional conference to invite all regional registries - ask for ICANN support and participation
> Sandra (EuroDIG)
> -        4th EuroDig  4,5 June 2015, Sofia (http://www.eurodig.org/) our goal is to include more Eastern Europe countries,
> -        Propose to organize a SEE roundtable the day before instead of having a subregional IGF, which will be more dividing, instead propose to have the SEE discussion feed into the program of the Eurodig.
> -        Our hope is to have it become a tradition; your help from the community to set up the program is key.
> Wolf Ludwig (EuroDIG)
> -        Overwhelmed by the success of EuroDIG, more than 120 participants at first edition in Strasbourg but only one participant from SEE, it has been a learning process to become a pan-European event, we want a European Dialogue, not a western EU dialogue
> -        2009 in Geneva it went on line with Diplo foundation support participation grew till the decision to organize the 2010 EuroDIG in Belgrade
> -        Call for proposals will be out next week till end of December, we start discussing agenda, an open planning meeting in Sofia in December, welcome inputs and participation from SEE community
> -        Secretariat just has a coordinating function, if you know people please reach out to submit proposals
> -        We should have different key issues than in last EuroDIG in Berlin "very western", the SEE roundtable the day before should lead the discussion.
> Q - is a pre set slot or side event? Do we have to set a program 
> committee? Is in the program or a side event
> Wolf Ludwig
> -        Still to be decided, initially thought as side pre-event but it can be organized through the EuroDIG process
> -        Suggestion is to go for both: pre event full priority to design and try to bring the result of the roundtable into a main session
> Interpretation, languages not really an issue, although we should find 
> the way to reach more the local community, for instance to make 
> introductions of session in local languages
> Wolf Ludwig
> -        Vlada from Diplo has a program to do webinars before the EuroDIG, to bring capacity, Diplo could organize something like this in the region
> Best,
> Andrea Beccalli
> ICANN Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Europe

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