[Icann-see] Updates on the executive/steering committees and proposed timeline for January (theme and topics for the round table)

Sorina Teleanu sorina.teleanu at cdep.ro
Tue Dec 23 23:50:23 CET 2014

Dear all,

I am writing again to give you some updates on the executive and steering committees and to propose, on behalf of the executive committee, a timeline of work for January.

1. Executive committee

As a follow up to my last email and, in the absence of any objection with regard to the proposed executive committee, I am glad to inform you that this committee is now formed and ready to start work. Below is its composition:
- Iliya Bazlyankov - Bulgaria - private sector (host of EuroDIG 2015)
- Lianna Galstyan - Armenia - civil society
- Aida Mahmutovic - Bosnia and Herzegovina - civil society
- Dusan Stojicevic - Serbia - technical community
- Sorina Teleanu - Romania - government

2. Steering committee

Few more persons have indicated their interest in being part of the "steering committee". A such, below is an updated list:
- Haykaz Baghyan - Armenia - civil society
- Andrea Beccalli - Italy - technical community (ICANN)
- Anelia Dimova - Bulgaria - government
- Aleksandar Icokaev - Republic of Macedonia - academia
- Hristo Hristov - Bulgaria - government
- Daniel Kalchev - Bulgaria - private sector
- Lea Kaspar - Croatia - civil society
- Narine Khachatryan - Armenia - civil society
- Oksana Prykhodko - Ukraine - civil society
- Oleksandr Tsaruk - Ukraine - government
+ anyone else (already on this mailing list or joining the process later) who would want to join.
(Dusan, if Anelia and Hristo are not already subscribed to this mailing list, could you please add them? Here are their email addresses: hhristov at mtitc.government.bg, adimova at mtitc.government.bg)

3. Proposed timeline for January

As you know, an EuroDIG planning meeting will take place in Sofia on 27 January and at least some of the members of the executive committee will be there. It would be good if we have at least a list of proposals for a general theme and of topics for discussions for the SEE round table, to present at the January meeting. A number of proposals have already been made during our previous discussions (I copy them below), but we think it would be useful to ask for more input during the following weeks, in order to develop a wider list of proposals.

Therefore, we are proposing the following timeline:

- 14 January: deadline for further input on theme and topics for the round table. In the following weeks, and up to 14 January, you are kindly invited to make further suggestions on a general theme and topics for the SEE round table or to indicate your support for one of the existing proposals (see the list below).  You are also invited to reach out to your own communities and to invite others to contribute, for a broader input.

- 15 - 18 January: compilation of proposals (this will be done by the executive committee) and distribution to the entire list;

- the week between 19-23 January: hold a virtual meeting for a first discussion on the proposals (those submitted via this list, as well as any proposal submitted in response to the general EuroDIG call for proposals, to the extend it is relevant to SEE). For this virtual meeting we can use the Webex platform (you might be familiar with it from previous IGF and EuroDIG meetings). Once we agree on a date (we can do a Doodle poll for this in early January), I can set up a Webex meeting and then send the participation details - and instructions on how to use Webex, if needed - to the list.

- 26-27 January: present the proposals and the outcome (if any) of the virtual discussions in the EuroDIG planning meeting in Sofia.

Previous discussions on the mailing list:

General theme
 "Multistakeholder Internet governance: from the global debates to the SEE realities"

- the need for capacity building, and responding to a perceived lack of information on IG issues;
- recognizing what are Internet governance issues in the first place;
- learn more about what is ICANN; what are registries / registrars;
- security & privacy;
- the multi-stakeholder model - what is community-driven policy? How does it work?
- digital divide;
- IDNs;
- content localisation;
- cybercrime;
- censorship/interference with content.

Thank you all for your willingness to participate in this process and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

And happy holidays to everyone!

Best regards,

(on behalf of the executive committee)

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