[rsnog] Join Us for nexthop → 2023: Call for Papers

Inna Savchkova savchkova at yandex-team.ru
Mon Sep 11 16:27:57 CEST 2023

Hello there!

I'm Inna, a part of the nexthop team, and I've got some news to share. Remember our meet-up in Belgrade last April? We're back and gearing up for our main annual conference, nexthop → 2023, happening in Moscow this time.

On November 20, Yandex will be hosting nexthop, an international network technology conference, for the sixth year in a row. But here's the twist – this year, we're taking it outdoors to a massive conference hall and adding a whole new section of talks to spice things up.

We're reaching out to all the tech pros out there, and that includes you! We'd love for you to submit papers on topics that tickle your fancy and are related to our conference theme. The possibilities are endless, but just to get your gears turning, here are some potential topics:
Data Center network design
Network architecture and tech developments
Routing protocols evolution
Scaling up services (think load balancing, CDN, traffic and peering engineering)
Digging into network performance
The world of TCP congestion controls and signaling
Network programmability, automation, and orchestration
Building infrastructure for network automation
Getting the lowdown on network monitoring
CI/CD in networking
Exploring open-source network operating systems
Making sense of open interfaces, abstraction models, and APIs to network hardware (like switchdev, SAI, P4 runtime)
Unleashing high-performance software data path implementations, libraries, and frameworks (e.g., XDP+eBPF, DPDK, VPP)
Navigating the waters of container and VM networking
Connecting the dots between HPC and ML interconnects

To throw your hat in the ring, simply fill out the submission form <https://forms.yandex.ru/surveys/13477881.4848deb6a6ddce7cb172a5000bb5367ab3ea5ae6/> before September 15. We'll be going through all the submissions and sharing feedback by September 29. And if you have any burning questions, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at savchkova at yandex-team.ru <mailto:savchkova at yandex-team.ru>.

We're genuinely excited to hear from you and hope you can be a part of making nexthop→2023 an unforgettable event that fuels collaboration and innovation in the world of network technology.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards,
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