[rsnog] RIPE 85 u Beogradu! & Speciajlni dogadjaj za studente !

Vesna Manojlovic BECHA at ripe.net
Thu Aug 11 18:07:46 CEST 2022

Dragi moji,

ove godine je RIPE konferencija u Srbiji:

"RIPE85 meeting, from 24-28 October 2022, Belgrade in a hybrid format."

Za studente imamo besplatne karte (ako dodju na prequel) :)
Student Event: Understanding the Internet,
4 October 17:00–18:30 CEST

gde ja drzim jedno od predavanja!

* Bert Hubert: Who controls the Internet?
* Vesna Manojlovic: Equity, Ethics and the Environmental Sustainability 
of the Internet
* Mirjam Kühne: Can you run the Internet?

Molim vas, prosledite kolegama koji mogu da pozovu svoje studente!


Bellow is more information & an email sutable for forwarding...

Subject:  Let's have the most JEDI meeting in Belgrade: RIPE85!

Dear all,

this autumn, RIPE meeting will happen in my birth-town: Belgrade,
24-28. October 2022   -> https://ripe85.ripe.net/

In addition to having an opportunity to learn / teach about usual topics 
such as Internet Governance, BGP, DNS, IPv6, IXPs, RPKI, IoT ...

... I'd love to have my friends join & contribute, specially about the 
"alternative" topics such as :
* Green Tech: impact of Climate Change on the Internet & vice-versa
* Low Tech: how to build/use Internet while respecting planetary limits?
* aspects of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in tech :
     what are the issues intersecting the war, poverty,
     race/gender/age inequalities, local situation... & Internet?

So, please, choose how to join:

* as a speaker : Call for Presentations is open  [1]
     (you can do it remotely, of course!)
* as a student: discounted tickets [2] & online-intro on 4.10.[3]
* as a Fellow: funding for under-represented contributors [4]
* as an author: "Win a Free Ticket" by publishing RIPE Labs article [5]
* as a parent: we offer free child-care! [6]
* volunteer to be a Working-Group co-Chair [7]
     or to serve on the Programme Committee  [8]

... and of course, as a regular participant. [9]

As part of accessibility, we offer live streaming & recordings, 
questions can be asked in chat, there is live stenography transcripts, 
we take notes & publish them quickly for people who missed some 
comments, slides are available during the event & archived.

For your emotional safety, there are Trusted  Contacts on site. We are 
in constant process of improving Code of Conduct handling, your input is 
welcome there too! [10]

I hope to see you there!


[1] Call for Presentations (first deadline : 21.8.)

[2] Discounted tickets:
* whole-week student ticket: 50 Euro
* students & speakers can request a free day-ticket (see web site)
* new LIR have 2 free tickets (see web site)

[3] Student Event: Understanding the Internet,4 October 17:00–18:30 CEST

[4] Fellowship support / funding: deadline is Wednesday, 31 August 2022
apply: https://www.ripe.net/participate/forms/apply/ripe-85-fellowship/

[5] RIPE Labs competition: deadline 4.9. 

[6] Free child-care

[7] several new Working Group chairs are selected each meeting:

[8] several new Programme Committee members are selected each meeting:

[9] Registration, either online or to buy a ticket:

[10] Code of Conduct & Trusted Contacts

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