[rsnog] Developers Hack McDonald’s Reward System to Get Free Hamburgers

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Mi u SOX-u redovno pratimo razne Threat Intelligence izvore, ali ovaj „incident“ je do sada najinteresantniji J


Pitam se kako stoje KFC i BK?








Title: Developers Hack McDonald’s Reward System to Get Free Hamburgers

Source: Silviu Stahie, Hot for Security (Bitdefender)

Date Published: February , 2020



"While software vulnerabilities or loopholes are sometimes used for

nefarious purposes, that’s not always the case. The same can be said of

white hackers and software developers who want to make the online world

a safer place.


McDonald’s has a promotions systems that offers rewards for some orders,

which is not out of the ordinary. But, according to a Vice report, a

couple of developers found the code behind the promotion system could be

exploited in a way that would allow them to get pretty much anything

from the fast-food chain.


Their first attempt was in Berlin. They generated a €17 voucher, placed

an online order, and got the OK. The two developers didn’t want to pick

it up initially, but they eventually went to the store and explained the

situation. Surprisingly, the manager said that they should take the

order. They tried again, in another restaurant, in Hamburg, for 15

burgers, and it worked. But they notified the manager and canceled the

order before it was prepared."



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