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Dear colleagues,

Today we’ve published the latest in our series of country reports, this
time shining the spotlight on Southeast Europe rather than focusing on
an individual country.

This is the fourth such country report that the RIPE NCC has produced as
part of an ongoing effort to support Internet development throughout our
service region by making our data and insights available to local
technical communities and decision makers alike.

The report takes stock of the current IPv4 and IPv6 resource holdings in
the Southeast European region, looks at the history of development of
the Internet industry, and assesses its opportunity for future growth.
We also examine the region’s access to the global Domain Name System
(DNS), look at how traffic is exchanged within the region, and identify
the different paths and operators providing access from the rest of the
world. You can find out more and access the report from RIPE Labs:


We’d also like to invite you to attend an online session in which we’ll
go over the main highlights from the report and have an open discussion
about relevant Internet governance issues in Southeast Europe, including
IPv6 deployment, IXPs and cybersecurity. The session will take place on
*Tuesday, 28 April from 12:00-13:00 UTC*.

Please register here before Monday 27 April 12:00 UTC:

We’d love to hear your feedback about the report. Which types of topics
and analyses did you find useful? We hope to see you online next Tuesday!

Best regards,

Gergana Petrova
External Relations
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