[rsnog] New NOG Section on RIPE Labs

Vesna Manojlovic BECHA at ripe.net
Thu Jul 20 15:18:43 CEST 2017

Dear colleagues at RSNOG,

The RIPE NCC actively supports the establishment and development of
network operator groups (NOGs) across its service region. To help with
this goal, we have created a NOG section on RIPE Labs that contains
useful articles and information for NOGs.


There is also an article explaining exactly what the RIPE NCC can do to
help with your NOG, whether it is just starting or is already


Please contact us (at labs at ripe.net) if you would like any support from 
the RIPE NCC for your NOG or if you would like to contribute an article 
about your NOG to the pages on RIPE Labs. Also, if you know of a NOG 
that is not included on our map of NOGs in the region, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Vesna Manojlovic
Community Builder

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