[rsnog] "Cisco is looking to allow its software to be used on less expensive Cisco switches"

Predrag Ivanovic predivan at mts.rs
Tue Apr 11 13:03:27 CEST 2017

Vest[1] nije preterano zanimljiva, ali je zato /r/networking thread[2] epic :)

(the cows are CPUs or independent processes on the same CPU.)

IOS: You have one cow. It chews grass.

IOS-XE: You have two cows. One chews grass and the other tells it what to chew.

IOS-XR: You have 27 cows. You have no idea what they do but when they fall over a new cow instantly reappears.
         Somehow they cost more than your house.

NX-OS: You have a penguin with a cow attached. It yells instructions at a robot mega-cow.
        The robot chews grass really fast.

CatOS: You have a very old cow in a huge metal box that only speaks Spanish.
        Grass gives it diarrhea which it then spews out its 275 orifices at high speed.

PIX OS/ASA: You have a retarded cow that speaks pig latin. It chews grass, but if you want it to graze a larger area you need to pay it more.
             It also expects more money when you want it to chew on sorghum or oats.
             You need to call your vet to add an expensive new brand every time it interacts with other cows on a regular basis.




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