[rsnog] FW: EU Update: BEREC publishes net neutrality guidelines

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Драге колеге,


Прослеђујем информацију из CENTR, удружења европских регистара националних интернет домена, чији је и РНИДС члан, а у вези европске политике око правила за мрежу неутралност и проблема права на филтрирање лажних IP адреса. Мислим да ово може бити занимљиво мрежним операторима.


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Dear Members, 


BEREC published Guidelines <http://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/download/0/6160-berec-guidelines-on-the-implementation-b_0.pdf>  for national regulators (NR) on the implementation of European net neutrality rules (set out in the Telecoms Single Market Regulation EU 2015/2120 <http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32015R2120&from=HR> ). The guidelines do not create new rules (s.a. BEREC presentation <http://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/download/0/6166-presentation-at-the-net-neutrality-guide_0.pdf> ). They will set the standard on how NRs oversee telecoms companies. NRs are responsible for the supervision and enforcement of the Regulation (vis-à-vis ISPs) supported by these guidelines. They are expected to provide a first annual report on the implementation by 30/6/2017.


CENTR submitted a Board of Directors contribution <https://www.centr.org/news/news/centr-on-berec-net-neutrality-guidelines.html>  (on the need to mitigate the risks of IP spoofing) to BEREC’s public consultation on these guidelines. BEREC responded to it in the context of a report <http://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/download/0/6161-berec-report-on-the-outcome-of-the-publi_0.pdf>  summarising the submissions and BEREC’s comments. 


Best regards, 




BEREC comments on stakeholder submissions 

Link to report <http://berec.europa.eu/eng/document_register/subject_matter/berec/download/0/6161-berec-report-on-the-outcome-of-the-publi_0.pdf> , incl. CENTR BoD Contribution (p. 27) 


Stakeholders highlighted “the importance of filtering spoofed addresses” to protect the integrity and security of networks (e.g. DoS attacks). BEREC draft guidelines  only addressed traffic management measures triggered when security attacks are detected, thereby failing to recognise long standing best practice that prevents source-address spoofing (i.e. before it leaves the network of origin). Network operators should be able to continue such permanent filters to block source-spoofed packets whenever they occur.  


BEREC reacted by rephrasing some parts of the guidelines, in particular (old) para 81 (new para 85), clarifying that security measures that need to be active “on a continuous basis” (“such as filtering of spoofed IP addresses”) would be justified. 



Refresher on the Regulation 


1)     Scope 


It covers 

-        open internet rights of end-users using internet access services (individuals, business, content and application providers) 

-        internet access services and specialised services 

It does not cover private networks, IP interconnection services


2)     Zero rating

-        Not prohibited per se, but some clearly infringe (e.g. when all apps are blocked except zero-rated ones when the data cap is reached); guidelines should help (assessment criteria)


3)     Traffic management (TM)

-        “Equal” treatment (when traffic management is independent of applications and end-users)

-        “Reasonable” TM (can differentiate between categories)

-        “Exceptional” TM (3 exceptions) allowing traffic management under stricter conditions (e.g. high quality voice calling on mobile networks, linear (live) broadcasting IPTV, real-time remote health services) (based on necessity, capacity, no substitution principle)





Nina Elzer

Policy Advisor

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